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Of course we all want a bedroom that’s dreamy. We just don’t want to get sick and tired of it really fast. Have a little hope. Prep your slumber spot with personal and affordable solutions that will make a major impact. 

trick: swap pieces in and out

Sometimes you pick furniture or accents that make you feel really good. Enter Grammy’s bench. If the piece had been sitting in the foyer all fall long, bring it into the bedroom for summer. Sometimes it’s just what the space needs.

trick: embrace twin beds

Sometimes the over gracious hostess (yep, we’re talking to you) extends an overnight invite to everyone. And everyone accepts. Twin beds to the rescue. Maximize guest quarters (and skip the pull-out sofa option) by accommodating extra visitors in a pulled-together fashion.  

trick: work the walls

The walls in the bedroom were painted lavender to yield a calmer–but not bland–backdrop. Palm-frond pillows and a powder-blue blanket temper a black linen headboard that turned out to be “too graphic.” 

trick: create a peaceful retreat

The decorating scheme in this room is largely necessity-based: a carved bed crowned by a cotton mosquito net, an heirloom trunk, simple night tables. Not only does the mirror behind the bed bring in light, but it also makes the space feel bigger. This blanched palette provides a sense of uncluttered calm for the bedroom. 

trick: layer with care

It’s all about creating harmony without exactly matching. Loads of patterns (silk-appliqued coverlet, paisley pillows, floral cushion) come together to create a rich style that’s framed by black walls. 

trick: lean on bright stripes

Enrich a space with warm, uplifting colors and patterns, and bring in a sofa and a hanging egg chair.