Published on May 31, 2014

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Photography by SARA DEANE

Old friends are coming for the weekend. The in-laws are staying for the week. Company is unexpectedly crashing on Saturday night. No matter what the reason or who is sleeping over, twin beds are actually a smart way to maximize guest quarters by accommodating extra visitors and establishing a pleasing symmetry. 

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Photography by LESLEY A. UNRUH

french femme

With curves in all the right places, this tufted-velvet number can transform a drab bedroom into a silver-screen boudoir (prime for catching up on romance novels).

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Photography by JOHN M. HALL

fairy-tale appeal

Design partners Sister Parish and Albert Hadley played off the grand scale of these painted-medallion stunners with fanciful oversize strawberries.

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room within a room

Decorator John Stefanidis’ tapestry of patterns is made even sweeter by the addition of canopies that emphasize the ceiling height.

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Photography by MELANIE ACEVEDO

paisley pattern

A wall was covered with the same subdued fabric as the bedding to give the room a warm opulence and a tame exoticism. A vibrant Himalayan-wool rug intensifies the unifying blues and reds.

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Photography by JUSTIN BERNHAUT

plush swank

Play it safe with the palette: chocolate brown, ruby red, and baby blue creates an inviting, gender-neutral mood. Fiery-red microsuede and brass-button borders add decorator punch at a knockout price.

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