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by Marni Fogelson

Perhaps it’s all the sugar-crazed kids. Maybe you had an unfortunate run in with a scary clown years ago. Or you just don’t feel like doling out hard-earned dough for a revealing nurse costume. Whatever your reason may be for hating Halloween, know you are not alone…and that there are plenty of other opportunities to pass October 31st enjoyably.

Go to a movie

Nothing removes you from the Halloween madness like being in a dark room where no one is supposed to be talking. Choosing a scary movie will likely include Halloween celebrants among the viewers. Pick a foreign film or a rom-com for the most benign experience possible.

Try out restaurants that normally have a long wait

As other adults drag their kids around town or attend their own Halloween parties, the reservation list at popular restaurants may become shorter. If you truly despise Halloween, ask to be seated in the back where there’s less chance of glimpsing Halloween street revelers.

Visit an art museum

Unless they have a special Halloween event, many art and history museums will be (forgive the pun) ghost towns. Since Halloween takes place on a Saturday this year, check around town for venues that stay open late.

Have an anti-Halloween party

An anti-Halloween party can take different routes depending on your true level of distaste for the holiday. To satisfy those friends with a burning desire to dress up, you could invite everyone for a themed party (i.e. Great Gatsby) and then decorate your abode and serve champagne and canapés. Or, if you are among fellow Hallow-haters, make a strict “no costumes allowed” rule and have everyone bring a component for wine and cheese night or beer and take-out. Silly group games optional.

Start planning for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hanukkah

Don’t even pretend like you haven’t noticed the holiday decorations that have filling the aisles in pharmacies and crafts stores since July 4th. It’s basically a whirlwind from Halloween until the end of the year, so planning for holidays you actually enjoy NOW will save you from scrambling later.

Make a healthy, non-Halloween meal

Nothing derails healthy eating habits like tempting bags full of junk food. Use some of fall’s awesome ingredients: squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, et al, and make a comforting and nourishing meal. By skipping out on Halloween, you will likely avoid a serious sugar hangover as well as the temptation of having candy lurking around your house.

Catch up on a shows you may have missed, or read a book while curling up with popcorn and a glass of wine or cider

Take advantage of the cozy fall vibes without leaving your house. Your pajamas are infinitely more comfy than any Halloween get-up that you would otherwise be wandering around in. If you’ve got a functional fireplace, now’s the time to get it blazing.

Take the best of the holiday and leave the rest

Surely, there’s something about Halloween you like: bobbing for apples, carving pumpkins, or making a pie. You can celebrate without buying into Halloween commercialism by simply choosing activities that celebrate the season.

Turn off the lights, tape over the doorbell, and make a prominently placed NO CANDY! sign on your door

That should send a pretty clear message to all!