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It’s definitely a little ironic that the time when we’re most in tune with our home’s needs is also a period when professional renovations are not possible—but until it’s safe to do full remodels, we’re looking to temporary tweaks to tide us over. Enter: Anthropologie’s spring sale, which now includes an extra 50 percent off already-discounted pieces. While there’s plenty of cool pendant lighting and brightly colored outdoor furniture in the mix, we have our eye on the smaller items. Specifically, hardware

Maybe you can’t rip out that dated bathroom vanity, but you can give it a facelift with sleek silver handles. Sure, you might not be able to peruse the stalls of your local vintage market for a charming dresser—but until it reopens, bring in character via leather pulls. And as for that kitchen refresh you’ve been waiting for: Breathe new life into cookie-cutter cupboards with quirky geometric knobs. It’s not a perfect fix, but it is an easy swap that will satisfy your itch to redesign. The fact that the average item weighs in at around $10 is just a bonus. 

If you’re looking to take your DIY a step further, you’re not alone. Partaking in mini home projects is a popular pastime, with paint sales in particular spiking right now—it’s a lot easier to give your cabinets a lick of color than you might think. Looking for something even simpler? Take the cupboard doors off their hinges for makeshift open shelving. You don’t need a sledgehammer to make a difference. 

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