Score 30% Off the Instagram Pillow Alyssa Coscarelli Won’t Travel Without

Neck pain, begone.
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Currently, Pillow Cube’s Instagram-famous lineup of—you guessed it—cube-shaped pillows is up to 30% off as part of the brand’s holiday weekend promo. For more editor-vetted deals, check out our full roster of the worthiest Presidents’ Day sales to shop.

“Is it weird if I bring my pillow?” I texted my best friend ahead of our trip to New York City from Los Angeles earlier this month. I’d never been one to travel with my own bedding, but it was at that moment that I realized I was absolutely hooked on my Pillow Cube. Yes, just like it sounds, it’s a cube-shaped pillow, and yes, I positively can no longer live without it. 

Sidekick, Pillow Cube

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Side Cube, Pillow Cube

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I first discovered the Pillow Cube via an Instagram ad (my phone was probably listening to me complain about my neck), where it was marketed as the be-all and end-all pillow for side sleepers. Let’s just say I was sold. And while I’m now recommending it to friends and colleagues left and right, I always like to preface by saying that, of course, sleep accessories are completely subjective. Some like flat pillows, some prefer fluffy; some love down-filled, others Tempur-Pedic. I can’t guarantee you’ll love the Pillow Cube, but I can say it did for me the thing it promised: no more neck pain.

The squishy square is designed specifically for side sleepers, aka someone like me who flops from ear to ear until morning. Especially as I’ve gotten older, a sore neck has been a given, both at home and especially when I travel or sleep in a new or different bed. But the Cube works by keeping my head and neck at a 90-degree angle to my shoulders, which is the optimal position for side sleepers (this way, you don’t get stretched and squashed into weird angles the way you might with, say, a down pillow). The extra support and attention to alignment go a long way, and I’m pleased to report I haven’t had any pain since switching to the Pillow Cube. I even got one for my boyfriend’s place, where I sleep about half the week, and have converted many a friend, too. 

The one thing I’ll say is to be sure to follow the directions to measure which size is best for you. The Pillow Cube Classic looks a bit smaller than a normal pillow, so I was hesitant to try that one. Instead, I went with the Pro in the standard size, but there are also thin and thick options, which may work for you depending on your height and shoulder width (those with broader shoulders need a thicker Cube). But now having traveled with my Pro Standard, I may consider the Classic for when I’m on a plane (though it did squish up decently well into a tote bag).

Sure, this glorious head supporter might not be for everyone. My partner sleeps on his back (which I’ll truly never understand), and it just doesn’t work for him. But if you’re side-inclined, I highly recommend giving it a whirl. Your neck will thank you.

Side Sleeper Ice Cube Pillow, Pillow Cube

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Sidekick Ice Cube Pillow, Pillow Cube

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