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If you haven’t heard of HOTELette, allow us to give you a little backstory. From designer Allison Crawford, comes an innovative venture that is sure to change the way you vacation. The premise is a simple one, think: a high-quality boutique-meets-Airbnb.

Here’s how it works: After the purchase of the home, Crawford lends her design eye to revamp the space with style and comfort in mind. Her first property—a four-bedroom cottage situated in East Nashville—opened earlier this year, and was closely followed by a second endeavour, based in Austin, Texas.

The 1,700 sq ft property is walking distance to downtown Austin and boasts no shortage of bright color moments. Crawford imparted her personal style to the space with the addition of new lighting, fresh paint, and a handful of other details, which you can see ahead.

Like most of her other projects, Crawford designed the home around the art. In the whitewashed living room, an oversized nude painting by Montreal artist, Zoe Pawlak, undoubtedly set the tone. “You’ll notice hints of pink throughout the house that all trace back to this artwork,” says Crawford. “I think it really captures the goal of HOTELette—to offer guests a personalized space that’s sexy, playful, fun and welcoming.”

In the living room, Crawford managed to seamlessly integrate two contrasting palettes—and by extension, decorative styles—a design choice fueled by her latest tendency to work tonally. “I’ve always loved the boldness of hot pink and black together, but adding blush and grey tones really softens the look and makes it livable,” notes Crawford of the space.

With luxury in mind, Crawford decided to subdue her love of integrating the bolder, vintage pieces she’s known to decorate with in favor of sleek and modern furnishings with hints of traditional flair. The balanced finish presented itself via the curvy, black velvet chairs and ottomans, marble accents, and statement pieces, clearly evident across the board.

The aesthetic of the home skews towards the eclectic, with moments of modern and vintage-inspired motifs sprinkled throughout.

Vintage console, Again and Again | Vintage black chairs with ottomans,

scout design

Studio |Large dreamcatcher, handmade in Mexico | pillows, Stone Textile | Chandelier, Lumens 

The kitchen, which came with newly-lacquered cabinets, boasted a nearly exclusive use of gray, a decorative detail Crawford had to roll with. By adding in a white, dimensional tile backsplash, she was able to elevate the overall scheme of the space, lending both a bright tonal detail and an element of visual movement. Blush-toned accents, via the throw pillows and various other textured details, in turn helped soften the monochrome scheme.

Backsplash, Ann Sacks | Kitchen table chairs, vintage Bertoia | Vintage Moroccan rug, Heja Home | Vintage chandelier, scout design studio | Stone Textile Pillows

In the upstairs hallway, a neon side table—originally purchased for the living room—comes paired with an equally vibrant and dynamic painting by Jerry Cabrera. On the tabletop, a handful of decorative accessories earmark the spot as a truly Instagram-worthy vignette.

The guest bedroom, located upstairs, features limited square footage, which made designing it quite a challenge. Crawford opted to go with a heavy dose of color, to offset the size and make the space pop. Nicknamed the “Boom Boom Room,” the space is almost exclusively decked in Farrow and Ball’s Brinjal, with Cinder Rose for the ceilings to downplay the intensity of the wall hue. A nearby console is painted in the same deep purple, doubling in as a clever camo to make the space feel more roomy.

Originally, when Crawford moved in the queen-sized bed into the center of the room, she noticed that the closet doors weren’t able to fully open. “After brainstorming ideas, I decided to remove the doors and paint the closet in Brinjal, so you barely notice the missing doors,” she notes. Quite the ingenious fix.

Vintage console, Scout Design Studio | Painting by Tracey Harris | Bed, Urban Outfitters | Vintage Moroccan pillow, Flea Market Fab

“Photographer alyssa rosenheck perfectly captured the moment and the feel of the space,” says Crawford. “Alyssa’s approach and her ‘The New Southern’ movement pushes boundaries, promotes fearlessness, and feels effortless all at once. It’s amazing how collaborating with a like-minded creative can really make a project shine.”

Vintage Moroccan rug, Heja Home | Linens,

parachute home

| Vintage Moroccan pillow, Flea Market Fab | Cape painting by Jerry Cabrera | Wall and ceiling paint, Benjamin Moore’s Everlasting | Curtain rods in Rose Gold, West Elm 

“My secret weapon is matte black spray paint because everything looks better in black,” notes Crawford of the numerous accents integrated within the overall design scheme of the home.

With plenty of other HOTELette openings on the horizon for 2018, we can’t wait to see what Crawford has in store for us next!

Vintage poster sourced from Rose Bowl Flea Market | Vintage side tables from Again and Again | Vintage Moroccan rug from Heja Home | Bed, Urban Outfitters | Yellow vintage Artemide lamp from Again and Again | Vintage gold chandelier from Scout Design Studio

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