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6 movie homes we wished we lived in

Hey, we can do a little dreaming, right?

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You watched and probably wondered: “What would it be like to live there?” We thought the same. Here’s a glimpse into a few of our favorites.

the royal tenenbaums

We couldn’t love the Tenenbaums’ New York home more even if we tried. It’s the embodiment of Wes Anderson’s idiosyncratic and highly stylized world complete with a ballroom and a library. Not to mention, this crew has impeccable decorating skills. Frame galleries set against eye-popping colors, anyone?

the parent trap

Set on a terraced hillside in Napa Valley, Hallie’s home is an idyllic, childhood home with plenty of space to run, play, and relax. Its comfortable furniture and rustic finishes are quintessentially Californian — easygoing and relaxing. With an orchard, a vineyard, and a wrap-around patio, we are certainly digging these vibes.

home alone

From its floral wallpapers to damask drapes, the McAllisters’ home has everything we loved about early

90s decor

. Kevin had a great time defending his home from Harry and Marv, and we can only imagine the fun that we’d have if we were let loose in this 90s paradise.

the great gatsby

Daisy’s dazzling Long Island mansion is the definition of inspirational eye-candy. Coated in a neutral palette with gorgeous reds complementing the wooden floors, the Buchanans’ light and airy sitting room is especially stunning.

moonrise kingdom

The Bishops’ whimsical cottage is a vintage goldmine. The home’s patterned wallpapers, striped sofas, and retro gadgets have us wishing for a summer on the New England coast.


Tucked in the middle of the woods, the Cullens’ contemporary home in Washington offers incredible views of the surrounding greenery. Hardwood floors, minimal furniture, and high windows create a warm and inviting setting for the ultimate retreat.