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Country Kitsch

Where to begin, really? The tie-on cushions, the thick ovalness of the table. We’re happy-happy that matchy-matchy has fallen out of favor.

Bigger Is Better

In the 90s, the bigger your stereo, the more you knew about music. One couldn’t make a mixtape without a truly impressive boombox. Never mind that it took up half the space on your dresser and ate up D batteries like a monster.

Overzealous Themes


Knife Blocks (and other “you should have one” kitchen items).

This was the era of KitchenAid mixers as status symbols. Every kitchen in the know had to have certain countertop statements, most of which were probably wedding gifts, proudly on display.

Displaying Media Collections

My DVD collection is bigger than yours! And to prove it, I’ll decorate my living room with them! Another example of size and excess being a real problem, the display of media was an unnecessary waste of space that could have easily been concealed in a storage bench or sideboard.

Friends Purple

Monica basically defined the wall color of the 90s. Some people took it too far. Some people are still taking it too far.

See-Thru Cabinets

Also perpetuated by “Friends,” Seinfeld made us think it was cool to show off every single item in our cabinets. We’re grateful this concept has evolved to shelves-not-cabinets for dishes and discreet pantry spaces for Cheerios and whatnot.

Floral Wallpaper

Why this pattern took over with such gusto is still a mystery. Gaudy and garish when used in large quantities, it’s almost like wearing the wrong prescription in your glasses.

Light Woods & White

Now a cringeworthy combination, this watery kitchen trend inspires remodels aplenty.


The 90s really did love to layer it on. Wall space was apparently offensive to the eye, and therefore needed to be concealed with every band and movie poster available within the occupant’s desired genre. It was a little much.

Good-In-Theory Decor

Glow-in-the-dark stars might have been the coolest idea of the decade, but we all know they didn’t REALLY work unless you held a flashlight up to each individual star for a few seconds.


There are different schools of thought here, but generally speaking, carpet is a bad idea. Mud, rips, wine–things can get out of control, and fast. We’re grateful for wood floors, layered rugs, and easily, affordably changing our minds.