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How to Navigate the Holidays (Almost) Completely Trash-Free

Tiny and realistic steps to go green.

Drybar Founder Alli Webb Jumps on a Trampoline Before Bed

It’s just one of her de-stressing strategies.

Apartment 34’s Founder Goes Off the Grid at 9 p.m. Every Night

Then unplugs with a soothing tea and tinctures.

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What I’ve Learned From Interviewing 25+ Women About Their Nighttime Routines

First, everyone needs a robe.

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Your Favorite Bath Product From the ’90s Is Back

And it’s all-natural this time.

The Newest Crop of Social Clubs Is All About Self-Care

Cryotherapy and chill.

6 Things to Remove From Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

It’s all about having good energy.

What Happens to Your Body When You Take Naps Every Single Day?

Stop, drop, nap.

The Trending (Under $20!) Skincare Line That’ll Rival Glossier

Exclusively at Target, too.

Add This to Your Coffee to Feel More Focused

Super (powder) dosing.

Living in a Neighborhood With This Feature Could Help You Live Longer

City dwellers, listen up.

How to Keep Your Monstera Alive and Thriving, According to Expert Plant Parents

Three words: Instant jungle vibes.

People Who Install This in Their Homes Save $130+ a Year

And they do good for the environment, too.

Elizabeth Olsen’s On-the-Go Skin-Care Routine Is Just Two Steps

It keeps her ultra-zen while traveling.

This Is What a Sleep Expert Does When She Can’t Fall Asleep

She winds down with a hot shower and lavender mist.

What Happens to Your Brain When You Stop Drinking Alcohol?

Step away from the eggnog.

I Tried a Personalized Sleep Supplement Every Day for a Week

One result? Oddly vivid dreams.

Does 45 Minutes of Extra Sleep Make a Difference?

Change your alarm.

We Packed Your Suitcase for the Holidays

Courtesy of Sagittarius season.

This Is Not a Drill: Marie Kondo Is Launching a Store

Here are her three favorite things in it.

Sincerely Tommy’s Founder Winds Down With a Dance Party

Then it’s chill time all the way.

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This Is When the Most Productive People Wake Up

How you can become an early bird, too.

Meet the Millennials Who Have Gone Homesteading

And, yes, they share their back-to-earth lifestyle online.

What Actually Happens to Your Body When You Give Up Meat

The benefits are staggering.

What Happens to Your Body When You Give Up Dairy

Got milk? Nope.

Reusable Paper Towels Might Be the Best Thing to Happen to Your Kitchen

We test four waste-free options.

What Happens to Your Body When You Wake Up at 5 a.m. Every Day

Get your alarm clocks ready.

We Asked 10 Beauty Experts What Gifts They’re Giving (and Getting) This Year

Better yet, they’re all under $25.

How Many Hours of Sleep You Need to Live Longer

Fun fact: Your shut-eye affects your DNA.

Do You Know When to Recycle Your Makeup?

The founder of new clean beauty brand Saie tells all.

I Never Knew Luxury Until I Slept on These Sheets

Confessions of a linen convert.

The Sneaky Way Clutter Is Affecting Your Health

Time to tidy up.

What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Eating Sugar

6 unexpected benefits.

This Is How Many Plants You’d Need to Clean the Air in Your Home

That’s a lot of green.

Object Limited Cofounder Anna Z. Gray Swears by This Buzzy Bedding Brand

She shares her nighttime routine from start to sleep.

These 6 Overnight Oats Toppings Will Supercharge Your Mornings

They’re bursting with health benefits.

This Plant Parenting Trick Is Taking Off on Pinterest

The most affordable way to up your indoor gardening game.

5 Realistic Tips to Get Through the Holiday Season Without a Hangover

No mocktails involved.

This Nighttime Habit Will Make You Less Anxious During the Day

First, create the ideal cocoon.

What Happens to Your Body When You Use Gua Sha

The benefits are instant.

Do Skin Supplements Really Work?

A guide to the latest complexion-clearing pills and gummies.

What a Beauty Editor Picks Up in the Trader Joe’s Skin-Care Aisle

Everything But the Bagel with a side of SPF 50.

What Happens to Your Body When You Take CBD Every Single Day

No THC, no problems.

Cyndi Ramirez Chills Out with Chocolate, Wine, and Friends

The Chillhouse founder is all about modern self-care.

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Is Sleeping With a Fan on Actually Cooling You Off?

Well, it depends.

This Might Be Why You Can’t Sleep In

Finally, an answer in a new study.

How Hard Is It to Have a $0 Electricity Bill?

This is what it takes to have a net-zero home.

Do You Actually Need Different Self-Care Products for Your Menstrual Cycle?

The answer isn’t what you’d expect.

Adding This Supplement to Your Routine Could Help You Get More Z’s

Not to mention it'll make your skin glow.