Top stories In Wellness

I Took an Intense Breathing Workshop—and It Totally Changed My Mood

In… and out.

You’re Going to Want to Get a Sauna Blanket in 2019

And other trends to look out for.

The Sleep Machine 13,522 Amazon Users Swear By

It’s only $45.

DIY Acupuncture Exists (and It’s Not as Scary as It Sounds)

Introducing “ear seeds.”

The Latest In Wellness

9 CBD Gifts For Your Friend Who Needs to Chill Out

Stress less.

This Blender Could Actually Make You Healthier (Yes, Really)

This high-tech one is on sale too.

The Only 5 Teeth-Whitening Products That Actually Work, According to Dentists

From DIY to quick fixes.

This Blanket Claims to Reduce Anxiety and Improve Sleep

Is that possible?

It Turns Out That Indoor Pollution Is Worse in Winter—Here’s How to Purify Your Home

Staying inside has its downside.

6 Habits to Ditch If You Want to Be Healthier in 2019

Try these easy swaps instead.

If Foundation and Face Oil Had a Baby, This Would Be It

Perfect for dry winter skin.

This $75 Floor Cleaner Sold Out In Two Hours

It’s ‘supernatural’.

I Went Through a Rapid-Fire Quiz to Find My Dream Shampoo

1000-plus users agree too.

Gifts That Show You Truly Care

They give back in a major way.

What It’s Really Like to Get a CBD Massage

Relieve those muscles.

4 Signs Your Nail Salon Isn’t Clean, According to a Health Inspector

97 percent of salons didn’t pass.

This “Ugly” Beauty Staple Just Got a Major Makeover

Bring your deodorant out of hiding.

The #1 Winter Skin Essential You’re Probably Forgetting

Hint: It’s not moisturizer.

It’s True: This Science-Backed Fragrance Dissolves Stress in Minutes

A holiday must-have.

Stubborn People Might Actually Live Longer, According to a New Study

Dig those heels in.

25 Million Trees Are Trashed After the Holidays—This Smart Alternative Ends Waste

Sustainable and stylish.

8 Easy Tips to Avoid Overeating This Thanksgiving

No more food comas.

The Drybar of Acupuncture Just Opened—Here’s Why It’s a Must-Try

It’s fast, affordable, and very chic.

The Face Oil Credo Can Barely Keep In Stock

It’s from a very unlikely ingredient.

Forget Candles—This Alternative Is So Much Better

Come on baby, light my fire.

The Best Beauty Items to Buy From Your Couch on Black Friday

Don't miss out.

4 Downright Stylish Toothpastes That’ll Put Colgate To Shame

Spruce up that medicine cabinet.

Feeling Sick? Try This Aromatherapy Trick

Just in time for flu season, too.

9 Sneaky Ways to Make Your Shower Feel Like a Five-Star Spa

The best way to wind-down.

7-Eleven, Begone: A Healthy, Clean Version Has Arrived

There are even organic slushies.

Asking for a Friend: Are Feminine Hygiene Products Really Worth It?

Everything you wanted to know about ‘down there.’

20 Things You Can Do Today to Make Your Life Easier

From apps you can download to hacks to try, we have you covered.

Look Flawless On Your Wedding Day With These Beauty Tips

What to do months, weeks, and days before your big day.

If You Need Us, We’ll Be at This California Oasis-Meets-Spa

It’s designed by Jeremiah Brent.

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