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red wallpapered bathroom

Geometric Wainscoting and Floral Wallpaper Amp Up a Previously Boring Bathroom

The House That Lars Built’s founder makes a case for maximalism.

marble swirled paint

Making These Marbled Pumpkins Isn’t as Tricky as It Looks

It’s all in the wrist.

green tiled wall with black dining table

Almost Everything in This Kitchen Reno Was Thrifted, Including the House

In Finland, even zellige tiles are on Craigslist.

library with pink sofa

The Furniture Shopping Advice Beyoncé’s Designer Gives All Her Clients

It will save you extra decision-making down the road.

wood mantel with floral wallpaper

How One Renter Made Her Own Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

A little bit of Elmer’s glue and a whole lot of elbow grease.

still life of furniture

Urban Outfitters Just Dropped 4 New Furniture Collections, and Each One Feels Like a Vacation

Did someone say chrome framing?

neutral bedroom with gold sconce

Why the Luxurious Linen Bedding in Nicole Kidman’s New Show Is Worth the Splurge

No magic mushrooms are needed for a better night’s sleep.

navy ikea billy bookcase with glass doors

IKEA Is Buying Back Even More of Old Starter Furniture This Month

Your post-college storage bed doesn’t have to end up on the curb.

forest green nursery with wallpapered ceiling

Chasing Paper’s Founder Is Seeing This Elevated Wall Combo in Nurseries

The pattern pro predicts the three next big trends.