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When you watch movies like The Craft, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Hocus Pocus, or the Harry Potter franchise on repeat as a kid, it’s hard not to imagine yourself possessing magical powers. Maybe you and your friends almost set off the fire alarm in your apartment building while trying to conduct a love spell ritual—no, just me? Well, to crystal and botany enthusiasts alike, it will come as no surprise that “witchcore,” an aesthetic that combines a bohemian spirit and an affinity for nature with the occult, is sweeping the Internet—and not on account of a broomstick.

Recently, a growing #WitchTok community has amassed more than 29 billion views on TikTok. While softer aesthetics like cottagecore and coastal grandmother have captivated us all for months, this up-and-coming style is a darker alternative that’s perfect for those who prefer moody lighting, gothic elements, dried flowers, taxidermy, candles, and a killer spice rack. To bring the look to you, we’ve created a list of bewitching home essentials for all your spell-casting needs.

Sage Advice

An essential element of witchcore is ensuring a space’s aura matches and supports your inner vibe. Energy clearing, or the intentional burning of herbs in a space, is a centuries-old ritual with roots in Indigenous traditions and a practice the witchcore community has embraced. With six smoke wands, including three of the most common ones used for this practice (sage, lavender, and pine), this pack will set you up for success.

Sweet as Honey

Moody lighting in the form of candlelit corners is a witchcore room staple. These double-dipped beeswax ones will provide just that, only they will release a subtle aroma of honey in the process.

Into the Woods

No need to acquire a cabin in the woods. By simulating the feeling of foraging for potion ingredients and practicing witchcraft in secret outskirts, this forest wallpaper will add a witchy element to any home.

Bottled Up

Place plenty of magical concoctions or dry ingredients in this beautifully handblown recycled glass bottle from Mexico.

Celestial Bodies

Planetary imagery is key when illuminating your indoor spaces in this aesthetic. The moon, a satellite that is believed to bring love and prosperity to those who harness its power, quite literally makes the perfect nightlight.


Adorned with an evil eye and filled with lavender, John Derian’s Spider sachet makes the perfect trinket to ward off evil. Hang it by your window to reach maximum aromatic potential.

Wicked Wax

Everything is not what it seems. These tapers, for example, will last you longer than they look. (Psst: They are actually porcelain!) Feel in the midst of magic with a continuously melting candle moment.

An Altar-ed Way of Life

Whether you’re a tarot card reader, a witch in need of a spell-casting surface, or you simply require a meditation space, create a sacred corner in your room by displaying your spiritual items on an altar. Inspired by an Italian drinking chalice, this black oak and marble console is our pick.


Crush your next dinner party with this eye-catching quartz mortar and pestle. The stone is historically thought to promote health, making it a perfect surface for conjuring up herbal concoctions like your homemade pesto.

Holy Smokes!

Complement your spiritual practice by burning incense on this stunning black and gold marble burner. The interlocking, mosaic-like pattern of the material makes it simple yet striking.

Sweet Creatures

In early folklore, witches were thought to have animal helpers to do their bidding (think: Sabrina and her cynical furry companion, Salem). But if you’re not a pet person, simply roll out this cotton rug that’s dotted with woodland habitants.

Gazing Into the Future

Wondering what the next 5 to 10 years hold? Or when we’ll get a new season of Stranger Things? This carnival-esque tarot card deck can provide some insight and will make a colorful addition to your enchanting setup.

Crystal Clear

Collecting crystals, either to harness their properties or adorn a space, is a witchcore trademark. With 5 stones and a guide on how to use them, this assortment is the ultimate starter kit for any budding witch.