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Visiting a person’s workspace is like taking a peek inside their brain. Whether it’s at home or in an art studio, Nice Work explores where creative people do all of their, well, creating, so that you can steal their on-the-clock style.

Name: Danielle DuBoise

Occupation: Cofounder and co-CEO, Sakara Life 

Where I work: Our new 5,000-square-foot loft in Manhattan’s SoHo. It was designed by our longtime friends and founders of Float Studio, Brad Sherman and Nina Etnier. 

After spending the prior year working remotely, we wanted to create an inspiring space for our team to have more room to gather with clients, host events, and bring nutritional ideas to life, while also staying true to our brand roots of health and vitality. We even named our meeting rooms to mirror our company values: The Transformation Room, Science + Spirit Room, Service Room, S-Factor Room, and Joy Room. Our boardroom is called the Vision Room.

Throughout the space, Float Studio was able to weave in a similar DNA from our previous office, but with a reflection of Sakara Life’s evolution over the years. It incorporated furniture from our old space with newer pieces, to give it a lived-in feel.

When we moved in: June 2022.

Time I start: I like to be at the office by 9:30 a.m. after school drop-off. 

Time I clock out: I’m a founder, so not sure there’s ever a “clock out,” but I make it a priority to be home to have dinner with my kids. 

How I get to work: I walk, always! 

Three words that describe our space: Energizing, clean, and joyful.

Most important thing on my desk: A Sakara salad. 

What’s on the walls: We have some old press features framed in our office that remind me where we started. I also find inspiration in our archives. I love to look back at what Whitney [Tingle, cofounder and co-CEO] and I were doing in the early days. Staying true to our roots has gotten us farther than we could have ever imagined back then. 

How I stay organized: My Google calendar and my chief of staff. 

Favorite pen: I keep markers at my desk for when my kids visit, so anything washable.  

Best notebook: Any from McNally Jackson’s Goods for the Study notebook store on Mulberry Street. 

Perfect paintbrush [or other favorite art supply]: A great lip stain. 

Work bag I carry every day: A Sakara tote. 

Technology I can’t live without: Logitech webcam. 

Desk chair that I could (and do) spend hours in: You’ll usually find me in a green armchair that I keep my Higher Dose PEMF Go Mat on. It makes hours of Zoom meetings much more comfortable.

Conference table we convene around: Aptly named the Vision Room, our boardroom is the room I spend the most time in for leadership meetings or one-on-ones when the office is quiet. It has huge old windows that get nice light throughout most of the day. I also love the reclaimed vintage wood table we use as our conference room table, which I found used online. 

When I’m not at my desk, I post up at: Our red communal table at the center of the office. This table has hosted everything from team birthday celebrations to a Gratitude Lunch last fall, where we all gathered and enjoyed a meal together ahead of the holiday season. We didn’t have space for anything like this in our previous office. To pay homage to the disco ball that hung from the ceiling of our original office, Float hung some in various sizes right above the bright red table. 

How I fight the 3 p.m. slump: I love our Sakara Energy Effervescents, which have vitamin B12 to support cellular energy production and L-theanine for enhanced focus, or I’ll make a Metabolism Super Powder latte with nut milk for a midafternoon boost.

Coffee I run on: Cafe Integral. 

Ideal office snack: If I’m lucky, one of our Superfood Popcorn Trios will be open for everyone to share—those go fast! 

Biggest splurge that was worth it: Hiring Brad Sherman and Nina Etnier from Float Studio.

Preferred soundtrack: Snatum Kaur.

Things I Can’t Work Without