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Visiting a person’s workspace is like taking a peek inside their brain. Whether it’s at home or in an art studio, Nice Work explores where creative people do all of their, well, creating—so that you can steal their on-the-clock style. 

Name: Marie-Victoire Winckler 

Occupation: Furniture and object designer; formerly with Patricia Urquiola’s and India Mahdavi’s studios 

Where I work: In a “treehouse” in Paris, but I also spend time in a workshop in Portugal, where all the objects from my Totem collection (glass-blown vases, bowls, and lamps) come to life. 

How I start my workday: At 7 a.m. I take my son to school and then start working around 8:45. I like to make myself a nice cup of tea while looking at the beautiful tree in front of the window. 

How I transition out of work: I practice boxing, which pretty much empties my brain, but in general my work is my life, and I love it that way. Even when I sleep, I do my best work—most of my ideas come from my dreams. 

Three words that describe my space: Small, cozy, and quiet.

The most important thing in my office: The tree in front of it, for creativity purposes! 

What’s on the walls: Paintings, photographs, drawings, and leaves from my garden that I dry and collect. There is a print of a painting called D’Almeida (from the ’70s). I grew up with this painting, and when my parents left Paris to settle in the countryside, they gave it to me. The strange thing about it is it’s very big and looks like the inside of one of my vases—strange coincidence! 

Current creative fuel: Spending time in the Portugal workshop with my blowers. 

What I turn to when I’m stuck: I go to a nice exhibition—Paris is full of them! The last one I saw is the Morozov Collection at the Fondation Louis Vuitton. It was inspiring with all the colors and raw energy; it makes you want to paint.

How I stay organized: I make a classic to-do list.

Technology I can’t live without: My computer, unfortunately.

Favorite pen: I always use carbon pencils, never pen.

Best notebook: As basic as possible: Muji A5 black cover.

Desk chair that I could (and do) spend hours in: I found an old desk chair on the street. I covered it with a lot of fabric and a wool cover, which is making it very cozy and comfortable.

How I fight the 3 p.m. slump: I have a bunch of options: an excellent cup of rooibos tea, good music (I love Fip Groove), or a podcast when I am drawing or doing technical tasks. 

Ideal office snack: An apple.

Preferred soundtrack: “Bam Bam” by Sister Nancy. 

How I get to work: I work from home, or I fly to work when I produce my totems in Portugal.

Things I Can’t Work Without

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