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What does 2024 have in store? In Design Psychic, our community of editors, experts, and tastemakers predicts the trends coming soon to a home near you.

With every new year comes a fresh trend. Between 2019 and 2023, we saw cottagecore ruffles come and go, the relaxed linen slipcovers of the coastal grandmother movement make an appearance, and lately we enjoyed a very tomato girl summer complete with flouncy bows and traditional plaid

We see it as our civic duty to report on what’s “in” and even weed through the Internet to curate our edit. After doing a bit of reflecting on the past 340-ish days, it’s clear that some products resonated with you more than others. Below are the items you shopped the most this year, so you can snag them if you haven’t already or get ahead on what’s coming in 2024. We got out our crystal ball and made predictions on how the trends will evolve. 

In 2023 You Liked: Tomato Girl Summer

We didn’t know an entire style movement could stem from something found in the produce section, but tomato girl summer popped off on TikTok with a whopping 4.2 billion views. It is characterized by anything that evokes a romantic, laid-back, coastal Italian sensibility, and you went for a sunny yellow Clare V. baseball hat along with a stainless steel oil pitcher that would perfectly complement a locally sourced dinner. 

In 2024 You’ll Love: Italian Grandmother 

We suspect that the youthful tomato girl will take time to reflect and grow wiser in 2024, coming into more of an Italian nonna persona naturally. Rather than on-the-nose tomato-themed goods, expect darling hand-crocheted tablecloths and painted ceramics with a vintage feel. 

In 2023 You Liked: Something Fishy

Riffing on the seaside energy of summer ’23, it seemed like everywhere we looked there was a fish motif. Whether that was a herring dish or a trout rug, this chic nod to nautical style was all around. You devoured HomArt’s $14 matchbox sets the most, followed by Jose Gourmet’s tinned fish holder.

In 2024 You’ll Love: Rococo-esque Shells 

We could imagine growing fatigued of the fish icon after a while, but the shell is more uncharted territory. Gohar World and Palm Heights recently launched pearlescent shell napkin rings that we’re adding to our holiday wish lists. Not to mention, these conch shell glasses just entered our radar. 

In 2023 You Liked: All Plaid, All the Time

Since cottagecore entered the chat in 2019, gingham has been the queen of patterns. But it’s slowly being replaced by its more traditional, formal sister: plaid. Like any style comeback, the print has returned a little cooler and with a new edge. (Exhibit A: Schoolhouse’s berry-hued mohair throw.) But plaid is still very new to the scene—since reporting on it, Lesportsac has dropped an entire tartan collection

In 2024 You’ll Love: Off-Kilter Checks

Because it’s still so fresh, we suspect plaid will remain in style for most of 2024. When the time comes, we’re expecting it to be replaced by similar irregular geometrics in the form of off-kilter checks. The checker-print trend has come and gone, but where the grid doesn’t quite line up, as in Colin King’s Cultiver collaboration, is the sweet spot.

In 2023 You Liked: Dainty Bows

Taken straight off the Spring ’24 runways, from Sandy Liang to Simone Rocha, romantic ribbons are covering everything from handbags to runner rugs. (It also happens to be a low-lift way to decorate a Christmas tree.) Your top pick was a set of Meri Meri taper candles adorned with miniature wax bows, followed by a playful cushion

In 2024 You’ll Love: Silk Accents 

The ribbon look is practically the opposite of relaxed linen-filled spaces that have dominated in recent years. Unapologetically girly and sometimes even verging on camp, silk accents, from pillows to coverlets, will take things to a new level. Showier fabrics with some sheen will hit the same polished note as a poufy bow, but with a little more versatility.