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In most families’ kitchens, you’ll find an overflowing drawer of spices, a chaotic collection of cutlery, and water bottles that have been mysteriously separated from their lids. You’ll also often find a curious sous chef who has yet to surpass the counter in height. Material, the AAPI-founded kitchenware brand beloved by Bobby Berk and Oprah Winfrey, might not be able to help you with your clutter, but its new launch is out to make the most of the latter. The company just created mini versions of its best-selling tools for tiny cooks-in-training who are eager to get their hands dirty. Despite being known for supplying adults with hardworking knives and sophisticated cookware, Material has embraced bright, punchy colors and childproof materials for the picture-perfect kids’ collection

Courtesy of Material
Courtesy of Material

Whether it be creating a floury mess while baking chocolate chip cookies or learning a family recipe for mac and cheese, cooking with kids is an easy way to make long-lasting memories. Plus the mini tool set brings both joy and education to the daily ritual. As Material’s cofounder, Eunice Byun, puts it: “In an age of immediacy and intangibility, [kids] are drawn to the physicality and patience required in the kitchen.” This collection, which includes a scaled-down silicone spatula and pint-size air whisk, is entirely BPA-free and dishwasher safe—meaning not much can go wrong during the cleanup phase either. 

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The Kids Set, Material ($45)

For the little ones who aren’t yet ready to break open The Joy of Cooking or any other dictionary-size cookbook, Material created the Cook Deck, a highly visual card game conceptualized by children’s book author and food critic Joshua David Stein along with illustrator Erin Jang. The set helps participants (even those who are prereaders) piece together recipes with simple terms (like combine and pour) and easily identifiable images. Go Fish has nothing on this soon-to-be family favorite.