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Ryan Norville, in her own words, is a rebel “unintentionally.” After a slew of design and fashion gigs that fell flat (and a sneaky but supportive nudge from her husband), she finally stepped out of her comfort zone—and into a flower shop.

Despite her only experience with plants being the fig tree she watered each weekend, she cut her teeth at an internship with Putnam & Putnam, and in 2019 opened her own floral design studio, Oat Cinnamon. Since then, she has created fantastical installations for such major brands as Google and Warby Parker, as well as bold arrangements for stylish people like Eva Chen. But Norville wouldn’t describe her work as rebellious—she’s simply finding her own path and trying to stay true to herself along the way.

“Sometimes people ask me how I feel being in certain spaces where, maybe historically, I shouldn’t be. And, you know, I feel fine there. I feel welcome there,” Norville tells Domino deputy editor Julie Vadnal in the fifth episode of Design Time: The Rebellious Ones (out now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts). “I perceive myself as belonging just as anyone else. It’s everyone else that needs to ask themselves, Why is that so rebellious?”

In the episode, Norville opens up about her unconventional career path and the flower she loves right now (and the one she hates), plus she offers tips to take your bodega flower arrangements to the next level. She also answers a few of our favorite Never Have I Ever questions. Here’s a sneak peek.

Never have I ever…arranged my books by color.

I’ve never done that. I hate it. That was a very Tumblr, lookbook kind of era, but at that point, I did not have my own bookshelf to even arrange my books.

Never have I ever..painted an accent wall.

I’ve never. When I had my own room at my parents’ place, instead of one accent wall, I made all the walls an accent. Every wall was a deep teal.

Never have I ever…fought with a significant other over a decor item.

I have never. I have asserted myself in the house as the executive interior designer, and my husband, very early on in our marriage, agreed to that.

Never have I ever…cried while building IKEA furniture.

I’ve never. Behind me there’s a full wardrobe and I built it. It’s a Pax system. I customized the knobs and the doors. My husband helped me build just the frame, but the shelves, the doors, everything—I did it. And no tears.

Never have I ever…spent way too much on a vintage piece.

Hmm, yeah. You got me there. I have. When I furnished this place, I picked up this Etsy find—this gorgeous vintage Bellini chair. It actually wasn’t too much—it was the shipping, because it came from Italy. But, of course, it’s my son’s favorite chair. He jumps on it and drinks his sippy cup on it. And I’m like, “That chair’s not even paid for. Don’t even look at it.” That means I paid too much for it.