The Best Towel Warmers To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Fancy Hotel

One even lets you add aromatherapy oil.
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So you’re going for a hotel suite vibe in your bathroom, but the soaking tub and marble floors are just out of reach. There are other add-ins that channel that feeling without any (or as much) of the reno. Try a handheld showerhead that plays music, set up fancy toiletries, or bring in soothing paint colors. Or what about a major treat-yourself appliance, the towel warmer? 

“Nothing provides a spalike experience like getting out of a shower and wrapping yourself in a warm towel,” says Michael Tedder of Only Towel Warmers, which sells everything from simple plug-in versions to wall-mounted options finished in glossy bronze. A towel warmer can also help you save time and energy when it comes to laundry, he says. “Towel warmers help rid towels of musty smells, meaning you can use yours several times and it’ll feel clean and fresh each time.” We’ve rounded up the best towel warmers, ranging in size, price, and style, for turning every shower into the most luxe moment of your day.

Our Favorites

Best Customizable: Pottery Barn Classic Towel Warmer

Best Customizable

Classic Towel Warmer, Pottery Barn ($549 and up)


Mountable or Freestanding: Mountable | Hardwired or plug-in: Hardwired | Different sizes: Yes | Timer: No

What we like:

  • Comes in different sizes and finishes
  • Can also be used to dry delicates

Worth noting:

  • Only has 1 heat setting
  • Hardwired

Why we chose it: A simple option that comes in sizes and finishes that will work in most homes. 

Whether you’re fully remodeling a bathroom or just looking to make a few upgrades, integrating a towel warmer into the space, and having it coordinate with the rest of your hardware, is a great way to add a little luxury and keep things looking cohesive. This Pottery Barn option comes in three finishes—gleaming chrome, matte black, and soft brushed nickel—so you can match it to your existing fixtures. We also love that you can choose the size: For a smaller bathroom, go with the 18-by-40-inch version, or choose the 24-by-60 to warm towels for the whole family.

Best Freestanding: Amba Solo Freestanding Towel Warmer

Best Freestanding

Freestanding Towel Warmer, Amba ($320)


Mountable or Freestanding: Freestanding | Plug-in or hardwired: Plug-in | Different sizes: No | Timer: No

What we like:

  • 3 different finishes
  • A portable option, ideal for renters

Worth noting:

  • Takes about 15 minutes to heat up

Why we chose it: Adding a towel warmer doesn’t have to be a big project: This one, which plugs into a wall and weighs less than 10 pounds, can be set up with minimal time and fuss. 

If your goal is to up your bathroom game without calling in the professionals, this is the towel warmer for you. No installation or complicated setup is needed: Simply plug it in, wait for it to heat up, and start warming your towels. It’s portable, so you can tote it to the guest bath for overnight stays (your friends will never want to leave!) or to the mudroom or laundry room, where it can help dry rain gear in the winter and swimsuits in the summer.

Best Bucket: Zadro Towel Warmer 

Best Bucket

Towel Warmer, Zadro ($180)


Mountable or Freestanding: Freestanding | Hardwired or plug-in: Plug-in | Different sizes: No | Timer: Yes

What we like:

  • The most affordable pick on this list
  • Holds 2 large towels at once
  • Timer lets you warm towels a little or a lot

Worth noting:

  • Barrel shape takes up more floor space than a rack or a wall-mounted option

Why we chose it: This home version of the spa classic is big enough for a towel and a robe—at a sub-$200 price point. 

The barrel-style towel warmer has been a staple at high-end spas for years, and for good reason: It warms towels quickly with minimal setup. This one has a timer, which helps you control the heat level: Drop your towel in 15 minutes before your shower for a little bit of extra warmth, or start heating it a full hour in advance for maximum coziness. The simple white and neutral wood look will be right at home in most bathrooms, and you can also throw your robe in for a little extra luxury post-bath.

Best Shelf: Amba Radiant Shelf Towel Warmer 

Best Shelf

Shelf Towel Warmer, Amba ($379)

Mountable or Freestanding: Mountable | Hardwired or plug-in: Both! | Different sizes: No | Timer: An optional add-on

What we like:

  • The shelf design creates more space for warming folded or rolled towels
  • Can help reduce humidity in the bathroom

Worth noting:

  • Timer has to be installed separately

Why we chose it: If you’re short on space, this shelf-style warmer offers more options for heating (and storing) multiple towels—folded, rolled, or draped. 

The best way to fit more into a small space is to go up. If your bathroom storage is at a premium (or you share it with multiple people), consider this towel warmer, another option under $500. The shelf design allows you to heat up several towels at once while hanging damp ones on the rack below. If you’re dealing with a bathroom that has ventilation issues, this towel warmer is also a great way to dehumidify without installing a separate device. When it comes to installation, it definitely wins points for ease: Mounting it to the wall is simple, and you’ll have the option to just plug it in or connect it to your existing wiring.

Best Hidden Warming: MG12 Geometrici Slim & Shelf Towel Warmer

Best Hidden Warming

Geometrici Towel Warmer, Only Towel Warmer ($1,600)


Mountable or Freestanding: Mountable | Hardwired or plug-in: Hardwired | Different sizes: Yes | Timer: No

What we like:

  • Sleek Italian design
  • Consumes less energy than other models

Worth noting:

  • Only comes in black and white
  • Long lead time

Why we chose it: Made in Italy, this eco-friendly towel warmer turns a functional appliance into a bona fide design object. 

If you have a vision for your bathroom and an eye for cool, minimal style, this towel warmer offers a more design-forward take than the standard. The two-towel warming rack is hidden behind a clean-lined panel with shelves, which is both a handy place to display fancy soap or a good-looking toothbrush holder and keeps towels out of your way (so your bathroom feels less cluttered). We like the white powder-coated finish for a tone-on-tone effect on white walls; the black adds a stark contrast to colorful tiles.

Best Aromatherapy: Mr. Steam Wall-Mount Towel Warmer

Best Aromatherapy

Wall-Mount Towel Warmer, Mr. Smith ($784)


Mountable or Freestanding: Mountable | Hardwired or plug-in: Hardwired | Different sizes: Yes | Timer: Yes

What we like:

  • A built-in aromatherapy well is a luxe addition
  • The timer has your towel ready when you are

Worth noting:

  • One of our pricier picks

Why we chose it: With a well for essential oils, this towel warmer turns daily showers and long baths alike into at-home spa treatments.

Think about adding a few drops of lavender to a calming bath, helping you unwind from a long day, or a drop of fresh mint oil to a prework shower to invigorate your morning (no matter how many times you hit snooze). This towel warmer is also an aromatherapy device, using oil and steam to add a soft fragrance to towels for a little something extra when you step out of the shower. Because it has a digital timer, you can set towels to be warmed before you actually need them. The wall-mounted rack is sturdy enough to hold a fluffy robe, too, creating a relaxing spa atmosphere with no appointment required.

How We Chose These Products

To find the best towel warmers, we focused on both freestanding and wall-mounted options that have a reputation for being reliable, high quality, and sturdy enough to hold at least one bath sheet–size towel. We also tapped interior designer Emma Beryl to learn about integrating a towel warmer into a bathroom’s look, and consulted Tedder on what makes a good towel warmer versus a great towel warmer. 

Our Shopping Checklist


The two main kinds of towel warmers are freestanding and wall mounted, and each has its own pros and cons. Freestanding towel warmers are less of a commitment—and, generally, less expensive—but they can also be trickier to incorporate into a bathroom’s setup, since they take up at least a little bit of floor space. Wall-mounted towel warmers may take more time and a professional to install, but they usually heat up towels more quickly and have more bells and whistles (think: aromatherapy add-ons, timers, and extra attached storage space). 

Plug-In vs. Hardwired

A hardwired towel warmer is trickier to put in place—you can DIY it, but it also might be worth calling in a professional electrician or contractor to help. Plug-in models, which can be either freestanding or mounted on the wall, give you more flexibility, but you’ll want to figure out how to keep any cords neatly secured so no one trips.


We suggest looking for a towel warmer that holds as many towels as you regularly have in rotation, but not one so big that it takes up valuable bathroom space. Barrel-style warmers are a good option for those who only need to heat up one or two towels at a time, while a larger mounted rack is a better pick if you’ve got multiple warm-towel lovers in your household. 

Warming and Temperature Range

If you want your towel to get really warm, look for a towel warmer that has a timer: That way, you can plan ahead and warm it for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes, taking the guesswork out of knowing when it’s ready. Some warmers also let you choose by heat setting—usually up to 150 degrees or so. And a word about energy usage: In general, a small wall-mounted towel warmer uses about 110 volts of electricity, and that number increases the bigger you go—something to keep in mind for both your electricity bill and the environment.

Ask Domino

Q: What should I do if I want a towel warmer with personality?

The majority of towel warmers are finished in shiny chrome, but that’s not the only option. We like this bright red one for a pop of color and this set of floating bars for an airy look. 

Q: What about drawer warmers?

Beryl thinks the best towel warmer is one you don’t see at all. “I prefer a towel-warming drawer over a rod aesthetically, because you can build it in seamlessly to your vanity,” she explains. A pro tip: If you’re shopping for a warming drawer, don’t forget to look in the kitchen section! Some drawers designed for food warming also work as towel warmers. 

Q: How fast will my towel heat up?

It can take up to an hour for a towel to heat up, explains Tedder. “It will take longer to dry a towel,” he adds. “A person who has never owned a towel warmer might expect it to warm a towel in 15 minutes, like a dryer, but that is not the case.” While you should plan ahead if you want warm towels, this does mean the risk of your towel getting too toasty is pretty low. 

The Last Word

A towel warmer might seem like a fancy addition, but it can be a surprisingly useful investment: Not only does it take the sting out of transitioning from hot shower to cold bathroom, but many models can be used to help dry swimwear, prevent mildew, and keep bathrooms from getting too steamy. How’s that for multifunctional?