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After a long stint of paint brands touting soothing shades of green, terracotta, and white as It hues, Benjamin Moore is here to push us back outside our comfort zone. The company just announced Raspberry Blush as its 2023 color of the year, and the choice, described as a “vivacious coral tinged with pink,” is as juicy as its name. The pick is accompanied by a palette of seven other paints, so in case this one is not your jam, you can add colors such as Conch Shell and Starry Night Blue to your list of swatches to try in the new year. 

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

While deep, brown-tinged shades of red have been on our radar all season long, we didn’t see this peach-infused option coming. Fortunately, we’ve spotted risk-taking designers and color-obsessed homeowners decorate with similar tones in the past. Here are three ways to embrace this feel-good forecast.

Choose Coordinating Carpeting

In an effort to highlight her Tulsa home’s 1962 roots, designer A.B. Lafitte replaced the old greige wall-to-wall carpet in her den with a tangerine version and coated the molding, ceiling, and even AC vents in Baked Clay by Sherwin-Williams


Create a Cocoon for Catching Z’s

The soft pink iteration in this bedroom (Pink Coral by Ressource) reads as a calming mauve in the evening hours, according to designer Thibaut Picard, so he decided to fully envelop the closets, shelving, and headboard in the paint, promising his clients peaceful sleep every single night. 

Opt for a Pop

If you only want to experience this energetic hue on occasion, relegate it to the inside of your cabinetry. Every morning, the teen who inhabits this London bedroom wakes up to a sweet surprise.