Kohler and Moen Are Among the Best Amazon Prime Day Showerhead Deals

Hai’s editor-favorite design makes an appearance, too.
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Photography by Belle Morizio, styling by Naomi deManana

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It’s time to swear off subpar showerheads for good. No more unsteady pressure. None of that superthin streams of water stuff. Amazon Prime Day is rife with reasons to switch out this oft-builder-grade fixture. During the mass e-tailer’s 48-hour shopping spree, happening through July 12, we’ve spotted plenty of sales from trusted bathroom brands—including several that appear in our guide to the best options—that we’d add to our cart without a second thought. Here are our top six editor-vetted (and in some cases, personally tested) deals, organized by savings. 

64% Off Kohler Bluetooth Speaker Showerhead

Kohler Moxie Bluetooth Speaker Shower Head, Amazon

$221 $79

Elevate your shower sing-along session with Kohler’s two-in-one fixture—this matte black style is nearly $142 off its original asking price. The Moxie is 100% waterproof, so you can jam out to your favorite playlist or podcast while enjoying full-coverage spray without muffled tunes; one reviewer swears the sound quality is “clear and loud.”  

Up to 36% Off Hai Smart Showerhead 

Hai Smart Showerhead, Amazon

$199 $131

For the smart home junkies, Hai’s Bluetooth-enabled spray offers all the bells and whistles you’d expect—from an app on your phone, you can set the perfect temp and pressure—and then some. As in, it will share a weekly report on how much water you used (or saved!). All this functionality comes neatly packaged in a colorful combo of chrome and yellow (29% off), white (27% off), red (34% off), blush pink (29% off), light blue (27% off), and charcoal (36% off). 

32% Off SparkPod Showerhead

6-Inch Round SparkPod Shower Head, Amazon

$60 $33

This is still our top pick for rainfall-level luxury. The SparkPod comes backed by 45,000-plus positive reviews that tout it for its “great value” (even when it’s not 45% off during Prime Day!) and ease of install. The standout feature of this chrome-plated number, however, is the fact that it’s high-pressure compatible; all you have to do is remove the restrictor. “Shorter showers, so saving money,” one shopper comments. Another adds, “This showerhead took my original water pressure and coverage from a 6 to 9.” Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

31% Off Moen Ignite Dual Handheld Showerhead

Moen 20016 Ignite Dual Handheld and Multi-Function Shower Head, Amazon

$58 $40

During last summer’s Prime Day event, readers fawned over Moen’s simple handheld showerhead more than any other bathroom upgrade we spotlighted. And this year, it’s an even more affordable $40. Unlike other options on this list, this particular product offers five varying spray settings so you enjoy everything from high-pressure massages (2.5 gpm!) to a gentler, rainfall-esque stream, all of which can be adjusted from the wall-mounted showerhead above or attached handheld that offers 60 inches of flexible metal hose, leaving every nook and cranny clean.  

Up to 36% Off Near Moon Ultra-Thin Showerhead

Near Moon Ultra-Thin Shower Head in Matte Black, Amazon

$35 $27

For a barely there look, the slim design of Near Moon’s showerhead delivers on both form and function. Despite its sleek profile, reviewers stress it still packs a powerful punch pressure-wise; 90 nozzles across its 8-inch-wide face make this possible. It was dubbed the “best thing in my redecorated bathroom” by one shopper. To note: While there are four quality finishes to choose from for its stainless steel, rust-resistant base, only the brushed nickel, chrome (now priced at just $17!), and matte black are up to 36% off

Up to 21% Off VMasstone High Pressure Handheld Showerhead

VMasstone High Pressure Handheld Shower Head, Amazon

$28.99 $22.90

For an under-$500 bathroom upgrade in her Vermont home, Nicole Christopher made a lot of changes—all on a budget. She painted, spruced up the tub enamel, purchased new wall sconces and towel hooks, and added peel-and-stick wallpaper with a shiplap pattern to the ceiling. For most fixtures, she used durable enamel spray paint to give them all a matte black finish, except for the showerhead—she chose this highly rated one from Amazon.

16% Off Purist Brass Showerhead

Purist K-22170-2MB Showerhead, Amazon

$166.98 $140

We first spotted this unassuming fixture in the bathroom of Aww Sam blogger Sam Ushioro, and upon further investigation, came to appreciate it’s multifunctional properties. A Kohler brand, the Purist model offers three handy spray functions—full coverage, pulsating massage, and silk spray—all in a pretty brass finish resistant to tarnishing and mineral buildup.