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The 3 Most Overrated Houseplants—And What We’re Replacing Them With This Fall

Goodbye, parlor palms.

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Photography by Natasha Lee; Styling by Courtney De Wet

If your Instagram feed seems overgrown with “plantfluencers,” you’ve likely noticed some commonly favored flora such as breezy monsteras or envy-inducing fiddle-leaf figs racking up the likes. According to a recent survey by HomeAdvisor, however, some plants might be reaching the end of their 15 minutes of fame. 

Even though 45 percent of those polled admit to owning a “trendy” houseplant, the respondents believe that succulents (29 percent), ferns (17 percent), and palms (10 percent) are the most overrated. While we aren’t here to knock your greenery (we’re actually big fans of low-maintenance cacti and string-of-pearls!), if you’re looking to extend your green thumb beyond what’s trending, shop some of the underrated favorites our editors never tire of. 

Main Squeeze

You don’t need a backyard to enjoy a harvest of fruit-bearing trees. Delivery services such as ViaCitrus offer miniature varieties, including a little Meyer lemon option that can thrive indoors without overtaking small spaces. You’ll not only have a zesty garnish for your cocktails and salads on hand, but TV personality and interior designer Bobby Berk recommends using leftover halves for cleaning everything from the inside of your fridge to the microwave.

Heaven Sent 

Our chief content officer, Kate Berry, earns her green thumb by tending to an impressive “garden in the sky.” What people don’t always get to see when perusing her hashtag are her lush angel wing begonias inside. This pick gets all the praise thanks to their speckled tear-shaped leaves that make her living room feel just as Eden-like as her NYC terrace.  

The Upside Down

This is not your average succulent. In time, the cactus-looking stapelia will blossom into a star-shaped flower that might look oddly familiar to Stranger Things fans (yes, it sort of resembles the Demogorgon). But fear not, this hardy addition to your indoor jungle is easy to care for and makes for a great conversation piece.