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It used to be that everyone was working on their backyard, but the demand for a fresh kind of outdoor space has reached new heights: According to the just-published Houzz Emerging Summer Trends Report, searches for “outdoor rooftop terrace” have spiked 1,555 percent. 

While most outdoor rooftop terraces are reserved for cities where backyards aren’t common, they can also save space in single-family homes while providing access to the great outdoors in clever ways. 

For instance, in this Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, home, a couple took advantage of their rooftop by adding a terrace off the main bedroom, cleverly disguising the radiator with a step. Plastic deck tiles from IKEA and potted plants totally transform the space.

Or in the case of a 750-square-foot apartment in Barcelona, having a terrace more than doubled the size of one couple’s living area. In the 800-square-foot outdoor hangout zone, a living wall mingles with trees and other greenery.  

Courtesy of Kate Berry

Then there’s our chief creative officer Kate Berry’s previous outdoor space in New York City, which proves that you don’t need a sprawling yard to create an edible garden. Plant boxes and large terracotta pots helped carve out her own piece of paradise, even among the skyscrapers.