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There’s an age-old adage that goes “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and it especially rings true when it comes to curb appeal. While homeowners are experimenting with playful front door colors and unconventional landscaping methods, white and black still remain the most popular exterior hues. However, according to Yardzen’s latest research, there’s a new option gaining traction: dark, dusty blue. 

Highlighted in the brand’s 2022 Outdoor Living Trends report, searches for houses painted in the shade have jumped 200 percent year over year—specifically searches for Benjamin Moore’s Newburyport Blue. While the azure hue is a great way to stand out from your neighbors, we have a few ideas to make the most of the color if you’re looking for a facelift. 

Use Complementary Colors


Photographer Amy Harrity paired her duplex’s rich tone with a tangerine front door, using the color wheel’s recommendations to her advantage. 

Try Contrasting Shutters 


Blue siding will already make you the talk of the block, but further that standout status by swathing your shutters in jet-black paint. 

Look to Your Surroundings 

Being right on the coastline, it was a natural move for these homeowners to have their exterior mirror the ocean’s soft color palette. 


Tone Down the Trim

Take a note from Domino’s design director, Brit Ashcraft, and use gray accents instead of white to keep things subtle and soothing.