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“I feel like bridal photos can be so boring,” says photographer Ro Agents, one half of the married creative duo Les Loups. “I approach every wedding trying to tell a very specific intimate story of two people. I think photos should leave you wondering.”

Agents studied under mentor Mary Ellen Mark, and the legendary documentary photographer’s influence is evident in the intimate and emotional moments she captures during weddings. She approaches her subjects with a keen eye for detail and possesses an ability to shape a narrative through her images.

She often works weddings alongside her husband Kenan Juska, a master DJ, through their company Les Loups, and they work in tandem to make sure each wedding is a reflection of the couple’s unique story. Here, Agents shares her favorite wedding photos from recent years.

Xela + John, Orcas Island, Washington

“This image pretty much embodies these two people. They are limitless in every sense.”


Flower girl, Orcas Island, Washington

“Much of my personal work is youth based. I have always found children to be such interesting subjects to photograph because of their raw honesty. It’s vulnerable and at times strange and I find that so beautiful.”


Emma’s turkey sandwich, The Ham House, Tivoli, NY

“I spend a lot of time shooting details, they are no doubt a part of the narrative. I was photographing her shoes when I saw Emma desperately trying to get a little taste of her favorite sandwich while rushing to get ready. It’s a still that says so much about the day.”


Emily + Ryan, Southwood Estate, Germantown, NY

“I love this photo because of its mystery. And really I think black and white photography is just so beautiful.”


Rebecca + Leslye, NYC

“Part of my job is making people feel safe enough to be intimate and vulnerable in my presence. I love this moment.  It’s super sexy but also so real. And to top it off, together they form a heart!”


Jena + Tommy, Southampton

“I love this image as a portrait. It’s beautiful, and more than anything, it’s honest.”


Kathryn + Lizzie Fortunato, Comporta, Portugal

“These two sisters are the embodiment of #twinmagic. They share everything, including their business Lizzie Fortunato. As a mother of twin boys, I’m always drawn to twins and the connections they share.”

Valerie, Vermont

“I knew Valerie before I photographed her wedding, so there was a bond I felt with her going in. She is inspiring to me—both as a woman and as an artist. Wedding days are filled which such strong emotion, they are super personal but often times there are many people involved in the day. It can be a whirlwind. Quiet, alone time is so important.”