wes anderson inspired wallpaper for your viewing pleasure

for anyone who dreams of margot's bedroom on a regular basis.

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We discover design inspiration everywhere, but if we’re finding it in a movie, chances are Wes Anderson directed it. Rarely will you find such attention to detail, symmetry, styling, and use of color. We could go on (and on) about the components of Wes Anderson sets we want to bring into our homes, but the sake of brevity (because we could be here all day), here are our favorite wallpaper inspiration photos for the true Wes Anderson fan. 

Above, Wes’ train car interior from The Darjeeling Limited

An excellent choice for young lads ages 11-14. 

For the nature lover. 

A wise choice for a home located in proximity to water, or those about to take to the high seas. 

For the aristocrat. 

A smart way to make good use of one’s travel mementos. 


For the outdoorsman. 

A good choice for an entryway, or perhaps simply to lift one’s mood. 

A bold, committed choice.

For the kids. 

Don’t forget one’s home library. 

The boudoir. 

For the ever adventure-hungry. 

And lastly, the wallpaper that spawned the obsession, the beloved zebras adorning Margot Tenenbaum’s childhood bedroom. 

Scalamandre Zebras wallpaper available here