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If you’ve always wanted to pack up and move to Europe, might we suggest the charming countryside of Tuscany, Italy? Known for its incredible architecture and the most recognizable Renaissance art, Tuscany’s always had a name for itself as one of Italy’s hottest design destinations—and here’s your opportunity to snap up a historic home.

Specifically, this stunning villa once owned by Michelangelo—and yes, we mean that Michelangelo; the one famous for the painted ceilings on the Sistine Chapel. The villa, aptly titled “Villa Michelangelo,” was purchased by the famous Florentine painter Michelangelo Buonarotti in 1549, and remained in his family until 1867 (just a casual 300 years). But if you think the fact that it’s no longer his family’s means that the historical charm of the country house has suddenly disappeared, think again: According to the listing held by Handsome Properties International, the home has been restored “to accurately tell the rich historical account of this property.”

The 10-bedroom, seven-bathroom estate boasts 12,916 feet of square footage, and is nestled on a hill amongst the pretty cypress trees Tuscany is famous for. The old-school stone exterior is definitely original, while the massive backyard looks out to lush greenery and dreamy views of the rest of the town.

A delicate, pebbled patio with a

small dining area

sits at the entrance of the home—perfect for enjoying the Tuscan sun, of course.

Inside, wrought iron columns, rustic wood beam ceilings, and gilded furniture make our Renaissance dreams come true. Arched windows allow the sunlight to peek through, and the hardwood flooring looks as tough as nails.

Bedroom photos show a similar emphasis on the rustic, with an elevated country farmhouse style.

The dining room has a gently curved ceiling and windows overlooking the landscape. It’s easy to imagine hosting dinner parties here, with plenty of Tuscan wine, of course.

A sitting room boasts a romantic fireplace with stone awnings and an arched brick ceiling, while the rustic kitchen offers a homely touch with deep red and brown hardwood, a tiled backsplash, and a built-in stone hearth.

Of course, owning a piece of Italian history won’t come cheap: The estate is currently listed at $7.5 million. For some, though, that’s a small price to pay to get close to a piece of the famous painter’s past.

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