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The Space-Saving Pieces We’re Snagging at Urban’s Major Home Sale

Eight finds that will change your tiny apartment for the better.
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When you live in a smaller-than-average home—be it a 100-something-sq-ft apartment or tiny abode on wheels—you not only learn to live without, but you also come to worship every inch and unassuming nook. Luckily, there are a number of big-name brands out there that are making major moves to help small-space dwellers and tiny-home enthusiasts effortlessly maximize their lack-thereof-layout. But where do you turn when your budget is as tight as your living quarters? Cue Urban Outfitters to the rescue.

While we love the brand’s savvy apartment picks and decor pieces for their stylish sensibility (and digestible price tags), we love it even more when we can snag said space-saving items at a serious discount. Right now, the trendy retailer is having a major home sale, with items ranging up to 50-percent off (!!). From clever hanging racks to stackable storage baskets, we’ve scoured their website for the best products that will give even the smallest of spaces new meaning.

Factory Side Table, $59.00 (was $69.00)

With double the surface area to stash beloved knicknacks, this industrial-inspired table promises to make the most of what little square-footage you have with its two useful tiers. Oh, and did we mention mint green is having a promising design moment?

Bronte Bathroom Leaning Ladder Storage, $249.99 (was $329.00)

No medicine cabinet, no problem. Make use of otherwise wasted

toilet by setting up this this rustic storage ladder. Wet towels, stray clothes, and your favorite candles now have a chic place to call home.

Wooden Clothing Rack, $99.00 (was $129.00)

A bedroom without a closet doesn’t have to be a deal breaker, but it will require a little strategizing on your part. We love that this compact garment rack provides ample room for seasonal pieces, while also offering an additional spot below to catch bags, shoes, and accessories. Consider yourself one step closer to solving your wardrobe storage woes.

Halvar Acrylic Side Table, $79.00 (was $98.00)

No matter how chic, bulky coffee tables can often double as a bothersome barrier in an already-crowded living room. Make your space a more flexible one by placing two smaller tables side by side in lieu of a lengthy coffee table. Not only can this semi-sculptural, lucite table be swiftly pushed aside when guests come over, but it might also encourage you to live with less, given this very little landing pad offers close to no room for clutter to accumulate.

Slim Perforated Metal Storage, $79.00 (was $98.00)

Your bathroom should inspire peace of mind, not stress. Ensure beauty essentials stay in orderly fashion by stacking and separating items with this durable storage unit that can slide into just about any odd nook or cranny. Sharing the bathroom with roommates? Draw a clear line by deciding which shelf belongs to whom.

Noreen Valet Storage Mirror, $99.00 (was $169.00)

Gone are the days of haphazardly dumping your daily gear in the front hall. Foster a happy and organized entryway with this ultra-slim storage stand that pulls triple duty as a coat rack, key-catch-all, and last-minute makeup check. And at $70 off? Add to cart, please!

Booker Kitchen Wall Storage, $39.99 (was $49.00)

Keep counter clutter to a minimum by hanging this inventive wall shelf nearby to house clean dishes. While it may not be able to hold all your dishware, the fact that it boasts twelve slots in addition to a towel bar underneath proves itself to be a clever kitchen solution for small-space dwellers living alone.

Sabrina Basket Tower Storage, $99.99 (was $129.00)

The best way to keep cramped living spaces looking clean and under control? Baskets, baskets, and, yes, more baskets. Keep house plants, cozy throws, magazines, and more within the confines of this multi-purpose tower that will instantly lend a tidy hand to any room in need.

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