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Take us back in time. Sitting on our living room sofa. From shows set in the 1920s through to the present day, these spaces make us extremely jealous of the fictional characters that have the good fortune of “living” in them.

early 1900s, ‘downton abbey’

The drawing room of the castle is one of the most elegant spaces in the estate. With walls covered in green silk fabric and intricate gold detailing on the ceiling, it’s clear to see this décor is fit for royalty.


‘boardwalk empire’

Set in the Roaring Twenties, Billie Kent’s apartment embodies the time period in all its glory.  From the velvety-textured furniture to the warm, red and yellow color scheme, this is a space that deserves a double-take.

1930s,  ‘upstairs downstairs’

165 Eaton Place is the townhouse that now belongs to Sir Hallam Holland and Lady Agnes.  It’s the same home that is lived in by the characters of the 1970s version of this mini-series.  Starting off in 1936, six years after the original left off, the couple must restore the home that has been left vacant throughout this time of The Great Depression. Gorgeous chandeliers, detailed wall décor, and more!

1940s, ‘agent carter’

The pastel, floral wallpaper in Peggy Carter’s apartment adds a pop of color to her space in a feminine way.  The open-shelving placed against the wall shows she knows how to make the most of her small space!

1950s, ‘happy days’

The living room is the space where the Cunningham’s (and Fonzie) spent a lot of their downtime.   The large-print floral found throughout the room on the drapes, couch, and chair cushion is a true testament to the time. Who wouldn’t want to cozy up in this room and crowd around the television with the perfect on-screen family?

1960s, ‘mad men’

Apartment 17B. Yep, the residence of the one and only Don Draper. His mod décor proves to be timeless, which is why we can’t get enough. The wrap around couch is the ideal lounging spot for this frequent entertainer’s constantly growing guest list. As for Don, he reclines on the vintage black chair located in the center of it all. The sunken living room, unique design patterns, and the aqua and orange color scheme make this a classic 1960’s space.

1970s, ‘that ’70s show’

The Forman’s house is the favorite hangout space for Eric and all his friends. The muted-toned- down-palette is a trend of the time. The furniture, in shades of greens and yellows, are the perfect match for the wooden furnished and neutral space.

1980s, ‘the golden girls’

It’s impossible not to love the house that brought together Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia (and all the laughter and antics that came along with them). Besides the living room, their hang-out spot was definitely the kitchen. (Umm, late-night cheesecake, anyone?) The all-wood countertops and cabinets were iconic and the constantly-changing tablecloth always seemed to match-not clash- with the group’s attire.

1990s,  ‘friends’

It’s easy to see why Monica and Rachel’s apartment was always the favorite hangout spot. (Besides Central Perk, of course.) The openness of this brightly colored space allowed the whole gang to lounge comfortably and host the birthday parties, holidays, and bridal and baby showers. The floral drapes and bohemian-style rug add the perfect touch of feminism, which is why we must admit we’re happy Joey, Chandler, and their recliners only got to take over for a brief stint.

2000, ‘gilmore girls’

The home of our favorite mother-daughter duo gives us serious envy.  Tucked away in the small town of Stars Hollow, we can’t imagine Lorlei and Rory eating takeout and binge-watching old movies anywhere else. The arched entryways are unique and give personality to this charming space.  We also can’t help but adore the floral prints and pastel colors that invade the house!

present, ‘revenge’

For all the evil plotting and destructive events that take place at the Grayson mansion, there’s no denying its beauty.  One of the most elegant and chic places of the home is the kitchen and dining area. The grand, sky-high ceilings are dressed up with unique light fixtures that put a spotlight on the rest of the space. The white and beige décor is the perfect combination of elegant and relaxed for this beachfront home.