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Foose ball table aside, this kitchen is in serious need of being decluttered. A bright pop of color for the cabinets will complement the vintage fridge, providing the space with a much-needed update.

everybody loves raymond
Beneath the bland yellow decor, we spot a set of cabinets with plenty of potential! We’d toss the floral window treatments, as well as the dated backsplash, opting for a fresh coat of paint in a cool yet contrasting tone.

full house
We’re all about preserving the aesthetic of the decade, especially with that gingham couch! Out with the pink carpet and blue polka dot lounge chairs. A fresh coat of paint will instantly transform the space.

This monotone apartment is in serious need of color. We’re thinking white-washed walls with natural wood paneling, and a new living room set to contrast the kitchen cabinets.

saved by the bell
Zack Morris’ laid-back bedroom could stand the test of time – with the exception of the ultra 80s-esque comforter. Out with the old carpet, and in with gorgeous dark-stained hardwood floors!