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Often times stores, especially in beauty, have a stark coldness to them. Black and white paint shades, bright fluorescent lights, loud base-heavy music—these features might cause you to stop, but it’s rarely a pleasurable experience once you step inside. What if a shopping experience actually had the ability to not only look and feel relaxing, but also act as a sanctuary for stress relief? Welcome to the flagship store for True Botanicals in San Francisco. Designed by Jeremiah Brent, the serene space will open November 15. 

The 1,800-square-foot space looks more like a well-styled home than a retail space thanks to a plethora of thoughtful elements: a long farmhouse style table, bright pops of greenery, the sumptuous couch (that we’d like to take a nap on immediately, thanks), the rustic armoire, and the giant, gorgeous marble sink.

Beyond just the Cali-cool vibes, Brent took inspiration from the brand itself, which is known for its clean, ethical products with a cool-girl, effective twist. “True Botanicals, for me, is one of those brands that’s the future: it’s holistic, it’s nontoxic, it’s rooted in ceremony,” explains Brent. “So we wanted something experiential, rather than transactional—to beckon guests to sit down, connect, have a cup of tea, and immerse themselves in the sensorial.”

This ethical stance translates beyond face, body, and aromatherapy products. It also means reclaimed barn wood, which was used to make the shelves and columns, and antique fixtures throughout the entire space. Founder and CEO Hillary Peterson wanted the space to communicate what the brand stands for: a dedication to transparency and commitment to the environment.

Even the classic, dark brown glass bottles become part of the design focus and decor. “It was essential from the start that our products look as beautiful and luxurious as they feel, and that you’d actually want to display them on your bathroom sink, not hide them in a medicine cabinet,” says Peterson. “So the way we’ve arranged the products is reflective of how someone might display them in their own home (just with a much larger inventory).”

If the design elements weren’t enough of a draw, the beauty haven will surely convince you to stop by. The space is outfitted with a skin clinic, aromatherapy bar, an in-store lab, and on-site skincare experts to tailor recommendations to you.

That skincare clinic is a three-room concept, with customizable treatments given by aestheticians. Not only that, they’ll have special, exclusive ‘back bar products’ that are only available in this space (aka, the good stuff that’s usually more potent than your ones at home).

At the aromatherapy bar, a trained aromatherapist creates custom blends based on your personal needs and preferences.

Yet to try a True Botanicals product? A good place to start is with their new Aromatherapy Collection, which Peterson said she swore by when opening this store in the last few months. “All three formulas address issues that can arise when you’re busy, overwhelmed, and running on empty: Muscle Release ($38) to help with tension in my shoulders, Immune Boost ($38) to help stave off colds, and Stress Relief ($36) to help calm my mind.”

While we could purchase this dreamy set online, we’ll probably just book a flight to SF to buy it in-store. Just for journalistic research, you know?

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