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We’re already psyched about the news that Target is launching a super affordable line of everyday basics—but we’re especially psyched about their new beauty section. The cost-conscious launch is titled Smartly, and is geared towards everyday household items, but with a cheaper-than-most price tag and a nicer-than-most approach to the packaging. That directly translates to dish soap for literally less than a dollar ($.80 to be specific) that smells like a citrus grove, or an all-purpose, ocean-scented household cleaner for $1.59.

But what we’re really thinking will blow the competition away are Smartly’s beauty basics, which are priced insanely well. From shaving creams to body washes and everything else in between, the products are a new venture into the realm of high-quality product offered at a low cost. But how cheap is it exactly? According to Target, Smartly products will cost approximately 70 percent less than comparable items from national brands. Yep, watch out Trader Joe’s, there is a new competitor in town.

Beyond just well-priced products, the quality is of utmost importance for Target. For the fragrances (including Blossom, Citrus Grove, and Rain Shower), Target partnered with master perfumers to develop complex, bold scents that’ll keep you coming back for more. They’re so confident, in fact, that you’ll be satisfied that they’re giving customers a 100 percent money-back guarantee for a year from the purchase date. Pretty incredible for any product, but especially one that costs only $.99 to $3.49 for the entire beauty range.  

The products launched online and in stores October 14, and below are the items we’re grabbing ASAP before they sell out.  

Unscented Facial Lotion, $2.99

It’s hard to find any type of sensitive-focused face lotion—no matter what budget you’re on and where you’re shopping. But Target has gone and created an unscented, hydrating, everyday face lotion that works for even the most sensitive skins. It can be used morning or night for a healthy glow.

Hand and Body Lotion, $1.99

Do your body and hands get dry and itchy come fall and winter? Of course, they do, which is exactly why it’s important to have a good quality, hydrating lotion to layer on once or twice a day. This particular body lotion is $1.99, and it comes either unscented (for those who have a fragrance sensitivity) or in all three of their signature scents. 

Shaving Foam, $.99

For those that can shave ‘n’ go (sans irritated or sensitive skin), this is your future go-to. With a $.99 price tag, this shaving foam will kind of last forever and ever, thanks to 10-ounces of product volume within the small canister. And it comes in that quad of scents, too, so feel free to mix and match because it’s still literally $.99, which is INCREDIBLE.

Summertime Scented Bar Soap (2 pack), $.99

Guys, $.99 cents for TWO bars of soap, both of which are impeccably scented, and will last a good amount of time, either in your shower, or bathroom sink for hands. That price point is unheard of, but the quality is still lovely. We’re stocking up on these before they inevitably sell out.

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