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Photography by AIRBNB

Summer is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to prepare your home for the warmer weather ahead. But what exactly has to get done before you’re ready to enjoy your weekends by the pool? We’ve created a checklist of all the pre-summer precautions you should take before summer officially hits.

Photography by DAVID NICOLAS

Turn on your A/C

Just because it worked last summer doesn’t mean it will start up this year. Give your air conditioning a test run to make sure it’s still working come summer heat waves. And, while you’re at it, make sure to change the filter, or give it a good cleaning! You don’t want to be breathing in all that gunk. (You can also hire a professional for this task).

Photography by LAURA MOSS

Clean your grill

No summer is complete without a few good backyard cookouts. Give your barbeque a thorough cleaning before firing it up this summer. Better to do it in advance, rather than waiting until everyone really wants a burger.


Check your patio furniture

Whether your patio furniture has been safely tucked away in the corner of your garage all winter, or has weathered outside during the freezing cold, it’s always a good idea to make sure everything is in the best shape it can be. That means no holes, broken pieces, or even stains. If it doesn’t pass the test, consider having the furniture reupholstered or replaced altogether.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Wash your towels

If your beach/pool towels have been hidden in the back of your linen closet the entire winter, it’s probably a good idea to give them a wash before using them this summer. You don’t want the smell of your cabinets all over your towel when you head to the pool for the first time.

Photography by AMY BARTLAM

Check for moisture intrusion

When giving your house a spring clean, make sure to check for any unusual staining or discoloration on you wood, drywall, or paint. This could be a sign of moisture intrusion caused by heavy rain or melting snow over the winter. It’s important to get any leaks fixed as soon as possible to avoid trouble.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Make sure there’s no air seepage

Although it sounds intimidating, identifying air seepage is actually really simple, just use your hand to feel for air seeping into your home around windows and doors. Fixing these areas will help lower utility costs and will keep the cold air in during the summertime.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Make time for a gutter check

You’ll need a bit of heavy rain to do this house check, but making sure your gutters are properly draining water will help you avoid rot and structural damage to your house.


Change your refrigerator filter

Warmer weather means you’re probably going to be craving a lot of ice cold water. If your fridge is equipped with a water or ice dispenser, and you haven’t changed your filter for a while, it’s probably a good idea to do that now.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Revive your garden

Spend a day tending to your garden. A little TLC will go a long way when it comes to summer blossoms, trust us!

Photography by LUCAS ALLEN

Scrub your carpets

To avoid allergies, and to just say clean in general, give your carpets a deep clean before the summertime. Consider having them professionally cleaned, or rent a professional-grade vacuum or steamer too keep things affordable.

Photography by BUILD DIRECT

Wash down your windows

Get rid of the dirt and grime that may be stuck on your windows from winters past. Make sure they’re summer ready by giving them the full “window treatment” — get it? Jokes aside, dirty windows can actually block sunlight from getting into your home, and during the summer, you’ll want all the natural light you can get!

Photography by BOBVILA

Check your hoses

Make sure your hoses haven’t sprung a leak since you last used them. If they have, try to repair them yourself, or replace your hose before summer rolls around.

Photography by GILI OBERTO

Clean your ceiling fans

If your home is equipped with a few ceiling fans, make sure that you give them a proper wash before using them this summer. Dust loves to accumulate on the top of these fans, which can then be spread around the room if turned on while dirty.

Photography by AIRBNB

Maintain pool maintenance

Before filling your pool up for the summer, make sure there are no cracks or tears in the lining. Afterwards, make sure your filter is still functioning, and that you properly care for your pool throughout the summer. Remember, maintenance is key to a healthy pool.

Photography by Erik Grammer

Test your sprinklers

Make sure there are no leaks or malfunctions before getting ready to use your sprinklers during the summertime. And, remember, the best time to water your plants during the summer is just after the sun has gone down!

Photography by JONNY VALIANT

Fix any tears in window or door screens

Protect yourself from bug invasions by making sure your screens are tear-free. If not, make sure to get them repaired before the first mosquitos arrive!

Photography by @KAILOCHIC

Freshen up the guest room

Summertime means far more friends and family will be stopping by your home. Make sure your guest bedroom has fresh linens and has been thoroughly cleaned before any of your house guests arrive.