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Bacteria collects in the most unlikely of places.

kitchen sponges
They keep your dishes clean, but sponges themselves are one of the germiest places in your entire house. Ironic, right? To keep them clean, wash them under hot water after every use. Run them through the dishwasher at least once a week and replace them often.

cutting boards
We’ve all heard horror stories about cutting boards before. To maintain a sanitary kitchen and to stop worrying about cross contamination, use different cutting boards when preparing vegetables, raw meats and poultry.

door knobs
Sometimes the items we use the most are cleaned the least. Doorknobs become breeding grounds for germs, particularly during cold season, as they are touched several times by a number of different people throughout the day. Disinfect them with a strong cleaner or spray them with vinegar for a quick solution.

remote control
Everyone in the family loves to huddle around the television to share a movie night together. As the remote control is passed around, it can collect bacteria. Clean them with disinfecting wipes to rid them of germs that may make you or your loved ones sick. Do the same for all other electronics used on a daily basis.

Toothbrush Holders
Toothbrushes keep your pearly whites clean, but they can wreak bacteria havoc wherever they are stored. Keep your container (and toothbrushes) clean by running your container through a cycle in the dishwasher at least once a week if it is safe. Otherwise, a rinse with hot water and soap will do.

Bath Towels 
It’s hard to believe that bath towels collect so many germs in your home, but as they are used, bath towels collect germs with each and every use. Damp towels in particular collect bacteria that may cause sickness. For cleaner towels, make sure to set them in a location where they will dry completely every time they are used and switch them often.

Faucet Handles 
It’s easy to overlook your faucet handles even though they are used on a regular basis. However, daily use means that they are constantly exposed to germs – the faucet handles in your bathroom, especially. Make sure to wipe them down with a strong multi-use cleaner or feel free to make your own by combining a quart of water and several tablespoons of baking soda.

Pet Bed
You’ve seen what your adorable pup gets up to. From your daily strolls to playing in the park, your pet’s bed holds a surprising amount of germs. If you can run them through the washer, make sure to do so on a weekly basis. Otherwise, vacuum them well and disinfect them with a sanitizing and odor-eliminating spray.