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tiffani thiessen

decided on a star wars nursery theme for new family addition Holt, she consulted a stellar source.

christiane lemieux

of DwellStudio, and friend to Tiffani, created Star Wars-inspired space full of color, creativity, and room for baby Holt to grow. All while incorporating a fun, engaging theme, without too much…force. Read on to learn more about how this nursery came together!

Tiffani, we must admit we’re in love with this theme. Where did the idea come from?

My husband has been a longtime fan of Star Wars. A fan since he was a young boy. He has kept all the paraphernalia from when he was a kid and we found an old Darth Vader phone amongst it all and thought we could make that piece our inspiration for Holt’s room.

What is your favorite memory from this design process?

My favorite is getting to work with my dear friend Christiane. We have become close over the past few years and it was really nice to add a working element to our relationship as friends. I am a HUGE fan of hers and have been for years. I admire that woman for her talent and tenacity. She gets things done and I love that. All with style and grace.

What is your favorite design element?   That Christiane incorporated?

Her flair of putting a room together. Christiane can style a room like no one’s business.

Christiane, this project seems so fun. How did it come about?

Tiffani and I met at a design industry event a few years ago and bonded over our love of design. Tiffani was also in the baby design business too, so working together on this is full circle for us. We were hanging out at her home with our families and talking Star Wars and we just decided to do it. Like everything with Tiffani– it was fun, effortless, organic, and gorgeous.

Have you ever designed a themed nursery like this before?

Not really, but I would hardly call this themed– it’s more inspired! It started with Darth Vader and turned into a gorgeous space. It’s cosmic, rich, and layered but truly sophisticated space.

It seems so well positioned to be a transitional room as the baby grows. Any tips for designing a room with similar ability?

I think it’s important to think at least five years forward. As the mother of two–I know that babies grow up so quickly and the last thing they want is a baby room. They no longer consider themselves babies by age two. This space is so amazing and beautiful that Holt will love it for years. Also, the last thing Tiffani and Brady want is to have to start redecorating with two small children. Design for the future, do what you love, and never have to close the door on your kids’ rooms.

Any advice for our readers who are incorporating a theme into their nursery?

Use the theme as inspiration but when you go to design make subtle references. Also avoid characters or icons in the design. You can bring that in with the toys and games but keep the design sophisticated.

Are there any design elements in this room that would work well in non-nursery spaces as well?

I think the whole room works– it could be an office, bedroom or even media space. The color palette of navy, black, white and gray is so chic you could take it into any space.