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by Michelle Gage

Pick a gender neutral palette, if you’re keeping the sex a secret. A soft whisper grey tone appeals to both genders.

Hang a charming animal print on the wall above the crib. Pick a friendly furry one for your little one to smile up at.

While we doubt Blake is short on space, if she’s hurting for a little extra room, a wall mounted changing table may come in handy. Rather than fitting in an entirely new piece, simply put one on the walls.

Get creative with shelving. This honeycomb creation is great for looks and storage.

Include some plant life in your nursery. While wee ones won’t be in charge of watering, they can enjoy the fresh feeling it brings to their space.

Place a pouf in your space. Little ones can prop themselves up on it as they begin to stand and crawl. Give them this comfortable and soft landing piece.

Create a sweet

gallery wall

above the changing table. A series of similar prints can make for a cohesive theme.

Go dark. Sometimes a deeper tone can be just a soothing as a soft one.

Play with color! Choose playful shades and scatter them around the room. Sherbet tones make for a cheerful space.

Do you think Blake would go for a DIY mobile? Gold dipped feathers gather to create a compelling over-crib adornment.

Update the traditional rocker. Your rocking chair should not only be comfortable but also stylish. Choose a timeless leather is an exciting shade.

Go all out animal! Pick a theme and really embrace is. If animals are to make an appearance in this space, why not include multiples.

Set the space with a sheepskin rug. A soft and comfortable rug helps add a touch of coziness in this space.

A gold crib is totally unique. While we imagine Blake buying new, you can recycle your old one with a little painted update.

A fun printed rug will help add some whimsy to any space. Choose one that your baby can cherish in their room for years to come.

A great garland makes this nursery a party every time it is entered.

Snag a statement chandelier for your space. Add some instant interest to any small space with this luxe update.

Include a teepee in your space. This idea brings new life to the term “glamping.”

Paint a cool quote on an accent wall. Find one that resonates with you and go bold.

A wooden wall adds an extra level of interest to your nursery. Bring in a rustic glam element to your baby’s room.

Choose a desert theme. Bring in touches that subtly nod to this gender neutral theme.

Give baby a book wall. This is a great way to get in some extra storage in a small space. Line your wall with shelves and store your baby’s favorite bedtime stories here.

Monogram with flowers. The first letter of baby’s name can be written on the walls in the fun, floral DIY project.

Paint a mountain mural on your crib wall. This artistic representation reminds your young one to always dream big.

Wallpaper the ceiling. Pick a quirky print and apply it to the ceiling instead of the walls for a twist on the traditional usage.

Hang some animal busts on any white walls. While Blake isn’t a renter, if you are, you can always decorate the walls without needing to paint them.

Paint your existing furniture. If you have pieces that are in need of just a little refresh, you can always do it yourself!

Place a map of the world on your walls. Encourage wee ones to think globally with this print. They’re never too young to learn about the world.

Color block your walls! Match two tones together to add interest to any space. Make sure the darker color is the one on the bottom.

You’re due for a new crib! While it may be tempting to reuse the old one, something this sweet can simply not be passed on.

A cactus mural is a great look for any nursery. Apply this wallpaper or paint your own.

Go black and white. Sure, you can kick up the color, but the absence of any is just as striking. Do the black and white thing, with a little print, in your baby’s new room.

Sneak in some vintage accents in your space. This antique infusion provides a nice contrast against the fresh new baby products being brought home.