15 gender neutral kids’ rooms we love

design tips to creating stylish non-gender bedrooms for kids of all ages.

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by Liz Thompson

Siblings bunking together? Guest room for the grandkids? Waiting to be surprised by your little bundle of joy before choosing nursery colors? All of these scenarios have one thing in common…they make for tricky decorating.

delicate greys

Soft grey makes a picture-perfect neutral for baby boy or girl. Dress it up with feminine or masculine touches once you know your little bundle’s gender. Or, we kind of like it just the way it is.

cuddle up

Soften up an otherwise austere space with fluffy textiles and pretty flowers. White is always fresh and modern, plus it goes with everything.

bold for bumpkin

Enough with the grey? If you are feeling something bold and brilliant for your little whipper snapper, try out a look with cheeky patterns and colors. Talk about a confidence booster.

get personal

So you’ve created the perfect neutral nursery. But now that baby is here you are craving something more gender specific. Put down the pink or blue paint for a second, and consider personalized items. A wall hanging or framed artwork with your little darling’s name will mean so much more.

sunny disposition

Sunshine yellow is not only appropriate for both girl and boy, but adds instant cheer to any room. Bright enough for playtime, subtle enough for naptime. Pairs great with grey, green or white.

dreamy darks

Dark colors for baby’s room? Absolutely! Teamed up with brighter tones and fun patterns, this look is sure to please any little being.

interesting display

Start with a basic color scheme, then let kids add their own personal touches and interests to the room. Boring? Never.

creature comforts

Animals are always boy/girl- friendly. Choose your background color of choice (navy makes a statement, here) and let the kids help pick out items that appeal to them.

pair up

If gender-less is not your thing, why not go with both girl and boy decor in the same room? Matching items in a variety of colors and patterns keep the look cohesive while mapping out defined areas. Everyone is happy!

word view

Matchy-matchy can work for you in a stylish kids’ room. This look takes pattern and color to another level. Map wallpaper sends little world travels sweetly off to dream land.

play favorites

Does your child have a favorite color? Of course they do! Indulge their creative spirit by taking their love of blue (green, red, orange…) to the max. Staying within one color family on a white background keeps this look from getting too crazy.

modern pop

Minimalist modern guarantees mutual agreement. Stock a guest room with neutral tones and carefully curated splashes of color for a cohesive look that is anything but bland.

cozy neutrals

Undecided on a theme for a shared bedroom? Go super neutral with natural woods and textiles, wicker, and fur. Cozy, comfy, and serene.

cool combos

In this case, two bold colors are better than one. Choosing hues that complement each other is a simple way to rev up an otherwise colorless space. And what kid doesn’t love color? Other combos to try: moss green/red or eggplant /yellow.