10 ways to upgrade your bedroom for spring

simple changes and additions to make your room feel brand new.

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by Michelle Gage

Add a leather bench to the end of your bed. This will not only introduce a new material into your space, but also provide you with a place to sit to put on shoes.

Match your walls to your furniture. For a monotone space you’ll love, choose your favorite color and play matchy match maker.

Add wallpaper as an accent. For a quick, easy and affordable refresh, line an accent wall with a bold floral pattern.

Switch up your textiles this spring! Start fresh with an indigo color palette and choose complementary patterns in the form of throw pillows and blankets.

Trade your tired nightstand in for a simple distressed chair. Adding in an old vintage find is a great way to get a little character in a small space.

Add in an exciting piece of art. Pick something fresh and floral for an instant splash of color.

Try a trend! Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue are Pantone’s Colors of the Year. Experiment with one – or both – for a quick change up.

Illuminate with vintage lighting. Now is the time to break out and dust off your recent flea market find.

Add in a rattan light; there’s something about that material that just screams spring. Try hanging a cool pendant above your bed for an instant update.

Highlight with white. Your bedroom may be the only room in your house that you can get away with adding in extra white pieces. Look for the most special items in this most sophisticated tone.