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Every year we assemble the spring issue in the dregs of winter. Thinking ahead to that new season becomes an amazing refresher course. We get to imagine what we’ll want to be surrounding ourselves in—a splashy new print, the perfect combo of bright colors—while coming together with a crew of creatives whose spaces feel fresh and inspired.

Through their eyes, color is powerful, transformative, and expressive. Depending on how you use it, the right hue can make an outfit or channel big ideas (think: protest pink). As our team worked on the rainbow of stories that make up this issue, we found looking at a bold hue can completely lift your spirits, focus your attention, and change your mood.

Our cover star, Jessica Walsh, knows how to bring brilliant splashes of color to every corner of her Chelsea loft in New York City—and beyond. She has a thing for Yves Klein blue (a shade so vibrant it’s almost electrifying) and uses it to dramatic effect. We’re excited to share her story (check out her insta @jessicavwalsh), and many more, in the new Color Issue. Look for it on newsstands now or subscribe here.