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Studies have found that decorating your office with plants can increase happiness and productivity, so what better reason to go crazy decorating your home office with gorgeous greenery?

Transform a dreary windowsill into a petite (yet beautiful!) garden with a few of your favorite potted plants. Being so close to the sink, you’d almost never forget to water these beauties!

Fill an empty corner with a few custom floating shelves, knick-knacks, and several plants of various sizes to create a Pinterest-worthy indoor garden.

Plant fanatics rejoice — you can have as many plants as you want in your apartment, so long as you know how to decorate! For example, the sheer number of plants in this tiny room could easily overwhelm the senses, but the decorator expertly places each plant in a designated area as to disperse the green around the room.

We would never want to leave our home office if it had this many gorgeous plants in it!

In a small home, taking advantage of ceiling space to create a stunning indoor garden is almost necessary — good thing it looks amazing!

Create a splendid wall garden to conserve space and make a living piece of art!

An old bench or aquarium could easily be transformed into a small succulent garden, like the one above!

Bring an outdoor trellis in to construct a simple at-home garden you can enjoy all year long!

Decorate a small bookcase with a few of your favorite plants to give your home a more inviting (and lively!) feel.

Convert a dismal, empty corner into a nook full of life by decorating it with several medium-sized plants in eclectic pots. It’s an easy way to create an indoor garden!