It’s a Whole Mood in These 10 Sage Green Kids’ Rooms

The on-trend color isn’t just for kitchens.
a kids bedroom

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As sage green continues to sweep across our feeds as the go-to shade for creating soothing kitchens, serene reading nooks, lush living areas, and more, we’ve been seeing the hue pop up in a new space: Yep, sage green kids’ rooms are a thing. The low-key tone is more versatile than adding a little calm and bringing the outside in—it can become a backdrop to play up punchier palettes, graphic shapes, and sustainable materials. It’s a whole mood (as evidenced by the zen little boy’s room, above). Here are some of our favorite decorating ideas to incorporate the color in every corner.

Let the Little Ones Choose 

In the Los Angeles home of photographer Nicki Sebastian; her husband, Roni; and their two daughters, Cami and Cece, the scene is full of florals. But when the girls got to choose the mood for their rooms, Cece, the eldest, went with “dinosaur green.” The choice reflects exactly who she is right now, but that’s not to say she didn’t get a little guidance from Mom. “I gave them the Farrow & Ball palette to choose from,” Nicki says, laughing. 

Farrow u0026 Ball, Lichen

Bring the Outdoors In 

Lindsey and Brad Robinson live 10 minutes outside Grand Rapids in Ada, Michigan, on a six-acre plot surrounded by trees. “With five kids, we try to spend as much time outside as possible,” says Lindsey, but even the inside evokes forest feelings thanks to the mossy colored walls in the boys’ room.  

Benjamin Moore, Carolina Gull

Go Green in Every Sense

a nursery in sage green
Photography by Vanessa Lentine; Design by Olive + Oak Interiors

Sustainability is often at the forefront of a parent’s mind when designing a nursery. For this project, Hope Clark of Oak + Olive chose vintage decor and steered clear of products and fabrics made using harmful chemicals. To channel the natural look further, she reached for Farrow & Ball’s Card Room.

Elevate Your Playroom Display

a nursery in sage green
Photography by Colleen Eversman at 2ndtruth Photography for Wit & Delight

Storing toys is a challenge in any house. These sage-hued shelves showcase prettier items and pair well with soft peach and white. Painting the panels and molding creates a streamlined effect—especially when the surplus of stuff can be tucked inside storage compartments under a daybed. 

Work All the Angles

a kids room in sage green
Photography by Matthew Williams

Don’t let the color’s organic qualities fool you; a deeper tint of sage can be as bold as anything. In the hands of Sarah Sherman Samuel, striking lines—both on the DIY striped ceiling and in the bunk bed’s cool cutout arch—look extra-clean and crisp in her kids’ bedroom. 

Set the Scene for Smaller Details

a kids room
Photography and Design by Beebout Design

Soothing shouldn’t mean boring; keep the green theme going with a whimsical wallpaper (enter the dinosaurs!) extended up to the ceiling. Dark wood, leather, and brass add to the earthy vibe of this modern nursery

Bring It Over the Top

a kids room
Photography by Laure Joliet; Design by Reath Design

A family hangout spot gets the full cocooning treatment with colorful cozy rugs, loungy floor pillows, a hanging rattan chair, and a splash of deep sage paint up to the ceiling.

Look to the Elements

a bedroom in sage green
Courtesy of Emily A. Clark

For this teen room, layering a green oasis with flora and fauna—both in botanical-inspired fabrics and a mini gallery wall of vintage art prints—is a natural fit. 

Create a Reading Rainbow

a kids reading area
Photography by Jessica Antola; Styling by Elaina Sullivan

Sage doesn’t immediately come to mind for a punchy accent wall, but designer and mom Chiara de Rege used her starry green wallpaper as a background to display her daughter Phoenix’s colorful book collection. Suddenly the red, pink, and yellow covers really shine (almost as much as her dress-up outfits). 


Carve Out a Pretty Perspective

a nursery
Photography by Agathe Tissier-Dumont; Design by Camille Hermand

Name a better view (or sleep HQ) for an infant than a “window” onto a sweet leafy landscape—surrounded by a wash of more calming pale green. A wall of storage cabinets keeps all the baby essentials out of sight (but still accessible) so your little one can dream in peace.

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