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by Michelle Gage

Bedroom design starts with inspiration–and a fresh coat of paint. If your personal sanctuary could use a seasonal refresh, you need to get inspired by creativity, and craveable color. There’s no “right” shade for your bedroom, only the right shade for you, and how you like to feel during your downtime.  A beautifully blush wall might be soothing for some, while others need a deep, rich blue to quiet the mind and relax at the end of a long day. We’ve compiled every beautiful

bedroom paint

color we could find, to supply you with all the ideas you could ask for. Now it’s up to you to make the change. Read on to discover the color that speaks to you, and your style.

Above, a blushing pink shade is perfectly trend-right for spring.

A cool blue-grey makes for the coziest of bedrooms. We love the gender-neutral nature of this room, too.

Black is one of the chicest shades to mix with white, obvi. This also leaves room to play with color further down the road, when a monochromatic scheme could use a quick pick-up.

A soft grey makes for a serene sanctuary. And if you happen to have this much natural light, we applaud you. This is a great example of mixing neutral tones while keeping a space interesting, and lively.

Great greens work well on the walls, as well as the pillows and nightstand. Also if you didn’t think your nightstand could match your paint color and still look REALLY chic, here’s proof.

A nearly white-grey color is the perfect neutral backdrop to allow you to bring in whatever additional colors you desire. That blush bedspread tho…

This icy blue paint color is anything but cold. There’s something cool and classic about this space…

Combined with a soft mint, this fresh grey is ultra-chic. It’s the perfect backdrop for playing with pastels.

A serenity blue tone is perfectly on trend for 2016.

A brighter ice blue shade adds extra elegance to this feminine bedroom. It’s a great shade for layering on the delicate details.

A wonderful watermelon shade is sure to brighten up your space. Yes, watermelon.

A cool grey, with purple undertones, is a great shade for your bedroom.

Kelly green is a luscious shade for any sleeping zone.

Create an accent wall in your bedroom, by using a darker hue on the headboard wall.

Many shades of grey combine to create this monotone bedroom.

A slate grey shade is more cozy than cold.

Mix navy into your master for a great gender neutral shade. This color also adds depth to the room and prevents it from looking too youthful.

A pinkish-tan color is both soft and soothing. Can we nap here? Like… can we?

A smoky grey paint shade gives your bedroom a unique update. This is also the perfect backdrop for getting experimental with your over-bed

gallery wall

Twist your traditional white walls by adding in a bit of black. That’s right–picking two colors is totally fine.

This grey-green is one way to get a cool shade into your home. So cool in fact we’d expect to find it in one or two other rooms, too.

This dark space lets a little navy live on the ceiling.Not for everyone, but with the right personal style this deep, moody hue creates just the comfort zone you’re looking for.

A pastel peach and soft taupe combine to create a preppy vibe.

This blank slate of a bedroom feels mighty magical. It’s kind of impossible not to be calm in here.

Add a stripe of zesty lemon to the bottom of your bedroom walls. This is fresh and fun for the kiddos’ room. Too bold? Try a lighter, slightly more muted shade.

Grey is a timeless shade, just like this navy velvet headboard.

Color your walls with this cool grey shade.

A rich emerald green shade is as stunning as it is regal.

Paint your master bedroom walls a kicking charcoal color.

A great jewel toned blue is brilliant and bright.

A soft stone tone works wonderfully with this blush bed.

Just a twinge past ivory, this tone is terrific.

A rich navy adds the perfect dose of color to this master bedroom.

A great green tone is the perfect complement to these boho accents.

This shade, stuck between navy and cobalt, makes for an amazing wall color.

A thick stripe of white cuts the sweetness of this cotton candy pink shade.

The deepest of navy shades is totally refined.

A rich and bright dark blue makes this room perfection.

A super soft salmon shade is a great pick for the spring season.

Introduce this slate shade into your master bedroom.

This perfect pink shade is soft and secure.

Slate blue is a perfect tone for your gender neutral bedroom.

This marine blue shade is so fresh and sophisticated.

This black is anything but basic.

Let your walls bring you a sense of calm, with this soft blush shade.

Take teal to the next level by picking a shade that is alarmingly bright!

Even white walls have their moments.

Find room for this grey-brown shade in your life.

Invite a little navy into your space!

A striking blue is best used in your bedroom.

A lilac-grey shade, living on your bedroom walls, is ultra-chic.

A lush green lets a little life into your space.

Sky blue is so soothing in this playful bedroom.

Dark blue walls can be completely comforting. Don’t by shy about dark wall colors. A bit of natural light and a metallic accent or two will provide balance, don’t worry!

Inspired? Suddenly those white walls seem so…not enough. We can’t wait to see your choices, and we want to keep the conversation going! Tweet your favorite shades to @dominomag, and tag us on Instagram once your bedroom makeover is complete (we can’t wait to see it)!