Design by Room

clean lines & natural light define this brooklyn haven

discover how little is needed when beautiful light pours in.

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by  Ms. Weatherbee  

Less is more in this minimalist Williamsburg apartment. The client had a good idea of what she was looking for, but needed help pulling it all together. With soft grey walls in the living room, and crisp white in the bedroom, this apartment is a peaceful retreat from busy city life. Clean, simple furnishings define the space, while a few pieces of art add some color and personality. 

The understated design plan allows the stunning Manhattan views to shine.  

A little paint and some cute accessories transform these simple white shelves into a beautiful design statement. 

I’m a big fan of the accent entry wall. All it takes is a little paint to make a big impact, and your guests will be impressed from the moment they walk in your space. We chose a rich navy blue to add some character to this new construction apartment. 

To keep your minimalist space from becoming too boring, you can choose simple items with interesting details or texture. 

Let your bedroom be a soothing retreat from the busy modern world by keeping it clean and free of distractions. For more design tips and weekly updates, check out my website and blog,  Ms. Weatherbee