Published on January 28, 2020

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Courtesy of Otherland

Chintz, slipcovers, and an A League of Their Own reboot in the works—the dream of the ’90s is alive and well. And now, thanks to Otherland’s latest collection, you can really take yourself back 25 years or so—all with the help of a few candles that evoke visions of school dances, Fresh Prince reruns, and the endless possibilities found inside any given Bath & Body Works. Even upon first sniff, each of the three scents has the nostalgic power to make you seriously question what decade you’re living in.

So what do the ’90s smell like, exactly? Prepare yourself for a little bit of time travel.

The notes: Wild freesia, plush plumeria, juicy tangerine
What it really smells like: Walking through the mall with a bag full of assorted body creams and sprays. You pause a moment to reapply your lip gloss before heading over to the movie theater to see Titanic—for the fourth time.

The notes: Washed denim, white musk, mimosa flower
What it really smells like: Stepping into the Gap, grabbing a pair of jeans, and discovering that, lo and behold: They fit perfectly. You’ll be writing about this in your diary later.

The notes: Strawberry gloss, hard candy, frosted rose
What it really smells like: Snagging the last Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper just before the school year starts. As if you’d ever settle for anything that’s not neon pink and covered in cute animals.

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