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Whatever the reason for staying in on NYE… it must be a good one. If you’re trying to stick to your budget, not a fan of braving the overwhelming crowds, or simply craving a more mellow start to the year, opt for one of our five (foolproof)

NYE ideas

that put a new spin on ringing in 2016.

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MAKE SUSHI WITH FRIENDS If you’re not a fan of big crowds, overpriced dinners, and expensive Uber rides, we have the perfect fix for you—make your own dinner with friends. Gather (sushi) supplies like seaweed, sticky rice, salmon, avocado, and tuna to create your own sushi bar. It’s a fun and interactive way to build a meal with friends without sacrificing your budget.

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THROW YOUR OWN DINNER PARTY Take the guesswork out of NYE plans and host your own bash. Keep it simple by offering spiked punch, fresh bruschetta, and putting on a marathon of your favorite T.V. show. GIRLS anyone? Don’t forget to set the timer for 11:50pm to catch some footage of the iconic ball dropping in Times Square.

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HOST A POKER NIGHT If hosting a sushi dinner isn’t your thing but games are… host a poker night with friends. Place different sets of cards out on display and make appetizers around the theme. From fun caprese skewers to cranberry-infused cocktails, make sure the theme focuses on easy-to-grab snacks that can withstand the entirety of the game.


PROGRESSIVE DINNER If you live in walking distance to your closest friends (lucky you!), host a progressive dinner. All you need are a few places to go between and you’ve got an entire meal covered. Have one friend host an array of appetizers, another drinks, and another desserts—progressive dinner is not only a fun way to mingle with friends, but also puts an active spin on NYE.

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ORDER TAKEOUT AND BINGE ON MOVIES Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and host a low-key party with your closest friends—toasting to champagne and indulging in Chinese food. Just because Seamless is an NYC normalcy, doesn’t mean you can’t partake in ordering take-out on special evenings, too. If you’re really feeling festive, place the food on nice plates (shown here), and add some refreshing pom seeds to your champagne.