3 Nontraditional Engagement Rings Taking Over Pinterest Right Now

Carrie Bradshaw would be proud.

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It’s not Valentine’s Day yet, but if Pinterest is any indication, December is certainly the season of love. Apparently, there are 111 million engagement-related searches each year, which tends to increase by 40 percent during the holidays. As engagement content reaches a record high during these frigid months, new trends are popping up on Pinterest.

The image-sharing social media network recently released its What’s Hap-Pin-in report, outlining the top search queries and trending images on the rise in 2019. When it came to engagement ring trends, one insight is clear: Traditional rings are on the way out, and quirky, nontraditional styles are in. Love-professing in 2019 won’t be presented with a two-carat princess-cut diamond—it will be unique across the board from cut to color to stone. If you or your friends get engaged in 2019, chances are the ring will look like this…

Trending Stones

Emerald with yellow gold

This electric color pairing has been under the radar for quite some time but never fully took off until recently (peep Jackie Kennedy and Halle Berry).

Black diamond

The color black is almost never associated with the declaration of love, but we say it’s highly sophisticated.

Ruby with rose gold

A pairing made for a bold and courageous woman. 

Trending Styles


This style is light and sophisticated and often features smaller stones to infuse as many as possible.


This stone style is not treated or heated for color or clarity. 


This style is less about the stone and more about the symbolism behind the ring. We may have Mila Kunis to thank for that.

Trending Cuts


This is basically an emerald cut, except the stone is square instead of rectangular. 

Double halo

The center stone is surrounded by not one but two bands of smaller stones. 

East to west

The stone has been flipped 45 degrees to lay horizontally (sometimes referred to as horizontal rings).

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