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Ikea hacks are officially a hobby. If you consider yourself handy at hacking, you’re probably in the market for a few new

ikea hacks

at this point. We dove into Ikea’s new arrivals to create a hack to-do list worthy of your weekend plans. Read on, and happy hacking!

Mudroom Cubby

Remove legs, turn on side, add stick on hooks. If you’ve got little ones just starting school, build tidy habits with an after-school cubby that’s perfectly sized for them. Bonus points for painting or stenciling each child’s name inside his or her cubby.

Cost: Approx $125


Matching Nightstands

Add mirror to top surface. (And paint if you like!). This is a great, easy hack for small spaces. Not every bedroom has ample space for a traditional, full-size nightstand. Adding a mirror to this folding tray creates a chic landing space for essentials. If you’re looking for even more solutions for the

tiny bedroom

no-nightstand issue, try these.

Cost: Approx $145 each


Abstract Art Coasters

Add washi tape, go crazy. These quirky little conversation pieces are probably the easiest hack on this list. Grab a stack (or two) of these affordable coasters and tape to your heart’s content.

Cost: Approx $13


Nightstand/Side Table

Add hairpin legs. If you’re shy on surfaces in the living room, create simple, chic side tables out of nothing more than a tray and hairpin legs. Create several tables using legs of various heights and group together as nesting tables, if you’re so inclined.

Cost: Approx $75


Mirrored Tray

Add handles, turn on side, paint edges white. If the sticker price on chic trays makes your palms sweat, create your own for pennies. We’ve done ours with rope handles, but feel free to tailor yours to what compliments your style.

Cost: Approx $35


Play Tent

Cut along seam, add zipper. Embellish with patches, add throw or floor pillows inside. What kid (adult?) doesn’t want a play tent! These can get pricey, and this affordable option allows you to get creative with embellishments that make this tent unique to your kiddo. The tent stays up by being suspended from the ceiling, so just make sure to use an extra long cord or rope so that the tent reaches the ground.

Cost: Approx $45



Attach clip-on lights to either side at the desired height. We love a good improvised headboard. This room divider has a bit of Palm Springs-chic to it, and it’s made more functional by the addition of clip on lights on either side of the room divider at the desired height. These come in silver, but a quick coat of bronze spray paint will let their color compliment the headboard.

Cost: Approx $75


Outdoor Rug:

Buy multiples in the patterns you like, sew together for an outdoor rug (bonus for adding floor pillows!).

Cost: Approx $30


Record Storage:

Turn on side, add hairpin legs. Your records fit neatly into the cubby holes and your record player has a chic and convenient place to sit on top!

Cost: Approx $115


Homework Helper:

Add bulldog clip, tuck pencil/pen in pocket. Hang on the wall at child’s height, clip the day’s homework to it. Bonus points for monogramming with each child’s name!

Cost: Approx $8


Cake Stand:

Glue together. Yep, it’s that simple.

Cost: Approx $35

SITTNING (candlestick) SITTNING (tray)

Low Storage for Closet:

If you’re looking for a little more storage in the closet, but can’t really spare much room, get low. Add peg feet to the bottom of this storage unit, and add cute pulls (gotta love a good drawer pull). Place in your closet just below where your pants or shorter dresses hang.

Cost: Approx $120