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As a mom of two (ages 6 and 7), I have style director duties that extend beyond my role at Domino. At home I’m also in charge of scouting for new products, but my priority there is finding holiday projects that are fun, easy, entertaining—and hold my kids’ attention for more than one minute. 

In my experience, the dip-and-dye Easter egg protocol doesn’t have much of a life span. My kids plunk their hard-boiled eggs in, fish them out a few minutes later, and then they’re off to the next adventure before the coloring has even dried. That is until I came across this simple Amazon product that keeps my little creatives entranced far longer.

This game changer makes decorating eggs supersimple, and, as a bonus, it turns out on-trend stripes, too. Here’s how it works: The bunny-shaped device (which requires two AA batteries—not included) holds an egg between its paws, which start turning it automatically once you flip the on switch. That’s where the kit’s 10 markers come in: As you touch them to the spinning surface, the stripes begin to take shape. I like to experiment with color combos and patterns by changing the position or pressure of the pens, and for a more cohesive aesthetic, I’ll handpick the palette. Even if tiny hands can’t hold the marker tip perfectly still, you’ll end up with a cool, spirally effect that your pint-size artists will be proud to show off. 

And because I’m not a fan of cleaning up Technicolored puddles and glitter explosions, I appreciate the nearly mess-free nature of this machine. That said, to stretch the fun a bit further, we sometimes do dip-dyeing first so the kids have colored canvases to feed the “rabbit.” And even when the wonder of whirling begins to wear off, they enjoy sticking around to free-hand a few designs with the markers. Mess-free and actually stylish Easter eggs? Hop to it.