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Matilda Goad is nine months pregnant during this quarantine. If you ask her how she feels about it, though, she has very little to complain about. “Before the lockdown, I was guilty of going out a lot, always wanting to try new openings and go to my fail-safe local haunts,” remembers the designer. Now she’s trying out produce delivery services, testing new recipes, and figuring out how to celebrate the everyday while self-isolating with her husband in her North West London home.

Earlier this month, Goad launched a bright and whimsical tableware line in collaboration with MatchesFashion.com. “The collection is about bringing ceremony to every meal, from a simple boiled egg to a takeaway dinner,” she explains. “It’s about savoring every moment and never saving anything for a ‘special’ occasion.” This has never rung truer than now, when it feels like we’re all starring in Groundhog Day.

“I love breakfast and starting my day right, something that would have previously been a coffee and a croissant on the go,” says Goad of her newfound routine. “I allow myself time, use my favorite china, and take the opportunity to think about the day ahead.” It helps that setting a beautiful table is second nature to her. Here’s how she’s switched up her mealtimes:

Bathing Breakfast

Courtesy of Matilda Goad

“I’m very into having breakfast in the bath on weekends. It’s such a grounding ritual to me, so adding a delicious coffee and a crumpet just makes it even better.”

Simple swap: If you don’t have a tub caddy, use a wood board or pretty chintz tray balanced on a stool pulled up next to you. 

Matilda Goad Breakfast Set
Breakfast Set, Matilda Goad ($423)

Picnic Lunch

Courtesy of Matilda Goad

“Having lunch on the patio or terrace is a great change of scenery. It’s easy to get cabin fever right now, so learning to maximize every foot of your home is important. I have started to realize how valuable a burst of fresh air and vitamin D can be for my productivity and creativity. ”

Simple swap: You don’t need a balcony or a yard either. Sitting by a window where the sun pours in is also beneficial. Balance that same breakfast tray on your lap, and dress it up with a napkin and a carafe of water.

Matilda Goad Lunch Set
Lunch Set, Matilda Goad ($557)

Makeshift Restaurant Supper

Courtesy of Matilda Goad

“To break up the monotony of the same old routine, I love a themed dinner. The other night I found some unused traditional Chinese takeout boxes left over from a photo shoot and served noodles in them. I decanted sweet sauce into a ceramic dish and wore a silk kimono over jeans.” 

Simple swap: Experiment with different vessels in which to fill with cut flowers and serve food (it’s surprising what you can pull together from around your home), along with music, dress code, and even the time at which you eat. Movie night? Whip up posh popcorn—play around with different flavors and serve it in jam jars or enamelware bowls—and enjoy the show.

Matilda Goad Dinner Set
Dinner Party Set, Matilda Goad ($614)

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