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We spend a third of our lives asleep—that means our bedroom is the most lived-in space in our homes. It’s the room where we start and end our days, and that’s why the rituals that happen there are extra-important. In The Wind Down, we’ll be exploring the nighttime routines of people we admire and taking their advice to make the moments just before bed feel our best.

Rebecca de Ravenel knows how to keep busy. The fashion designer, who spent her childhood between Paris and the Bahamas, was working in interiors before launching her candy-like drop earrings in 2015, and that was only the beginning. Since then, she’s expanded into colorful ready-to-wear, dressing A-listers from Jessica Alba to Michelle Obama and collaborating with such brands as Aquazzura. Her latest collection features bold polka dots, oversize florals, and ruffled hems.

That’s probably why her nighttime routine is short, sweet, and to the point (and involves answering a ton of emails). “I can get ready extremely fast,” she says. “I find it a bore to take hours. I can have a bath and be in bed within 15 minutes.” Here, she shares her skin-care regimen and evening ritual, in-bed snacks and all.

Bath time: I’m a bath person; I will generally have one around 8 p.m. I pour coconut flower and a little olive oil in the water, as the air is so dry in Los Angeles, and I only use a bar of Dove soap. I will very often have a glass of wine and sit for a few minutes. It’s one of the only places where I do not take (and am unable to take) my phone, which helps me disconnect for a bit. 

Skin saviors: After about five minutes, I get out and use Creme Reparatrice and Comfort Extreme by Sisley. These products have changed my skin. On very dry nights, I will also use Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil

Face first: I wash my face with Sisley Phyto-Pâte, which is a soapless cleanser. I then use Mila Moursi Cleansing Toner, followed by Mila’s moisturizing oil and Sisley’s Creme Reparative. For extremely dry weather and only on special occasions, I will use La Prairie Dry Oil. I used to believe that you had to constantly strip your skin and buff it, but I have realized that it needs to be moisturized and replenished more than anything else.

Cloud nine: There is nothing I love more than a fluffy robe. I will slip into one and get into bed with my phone, my computer, and the television on, and it is honestly my idea of heaven. I would love to say that I have a lot of time to read, but nowadays, the moment I pick up a book, my mind wanders off to the things I haven’t done or the things I need to do tomorrow. I can only get to sleep if all my emails are answered. There is nothing that I hate more than making other people wait for answers. 

Ideal linens: I love lots of white pillows on my bed. I do not like anything but white sheets.

Nightstand essentials: I keep a Diptyque Oranger candle and fresh white flowers on my nightstand. My phone is definitely always in my bedroom, too, though I’m working on eliminating this habit.

Sleep aids: Twice a week I take a sleeping pill. I don’t sleep enough, so I try to catch up.

Midnight snack: I have a terrible habit of eating chips in bed. My ritual is always salted chips and a glass of red wine.

Lights-out at 10 p.m.!

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