A Freehand Paint DIY That’s Basically Impossible to Mess Up

And other ideas courtesy of L.A's coolest new showroom.

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The exact address is a secret, and if you’re not looking for it, you’ll miss it. What appears to be a beautiful, but otherwise unremarkable home from the outside is actually the just-opened Flaneur showroom. Well, sort of—it’s part-showroom, part-gallery, and part-event space. While you may be initially drawn to Maison Flaneur to peruse the brand’s array of custom-dyed sheets, you’ll want to extend your stay to soak up all the design inspiration. 

Situated somewhere in West Hollywood—Flaneur will send you directions after you book an appointment–the Maison gives potential customers the opportunity to get a feel (literally) for the made-to-order bedding. Once you’re done taking advantage of the personal concierge service (useful if you’re about to spend upwards of $295 on luxury linens) and sifting through the supply of rich hues to find your perfect match, take a walk around. We spotted these innovative decorating ideas just by looking at photos of the place—imagine what would come out of an IRL tour.  

The Monochrome Room

Courtesy of Flaneur

Whoever said less is more clearly hadn’t seen the electric blue dining room in Flaneur’s new digs. Textured walls? Check. Glossy finish? Check. Vibrant color? Check. Maximum wall-to-ceiling coverage and complementary window trim? Check, check, check. With a backdrop this bold, you barely need furniture. 

The Built-ins Moment

Courtesy of Flaneur

If you’re blessed with built-ins, dress them up in tonal green stripes. Here, they continue into each nook, making the wall treatment feel even more special and adding depth along the way. Honorable mention goes to the tomato red window trim for a nice bit of contrast. 

The Fireplace Mural

Courtesy of Flaneur

If styling the mantel isn’t your forte, draw attention to your hearth by way of a dramatic paint job instead. A swath of asymmetrical swooshes coupled with fiery hues make the feature the uncontested star of the whole showroom.  

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