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When it comes to traveling with luxury in mind, the benchmark for fine living extends from the mode of transportation itself to fine dining and lodging. When it comes to the latter, more often than not, you can count on a slew of signature five-star properties and establishments, which are there to guarantee an experience with top-notch service and only the finest amenities and offerings.

For those traveling in pairs, finding such a place that caters to all the aforementioned criteria is definitely easier than when traveling by group. Sure, you have undoubtedly heard of Airbnb and the fact that it can be a resource in such instances but, when it comes to the best of the best, is it the better option? Spoiler alert: It can be.

Alternative home rental sites have been surfacing as of late, many with the intention of providing a more luxurious experience for the affluent traveler. And since we can’t quite relate to said group, for us, it’s all about wishful thinking here. With that, we set out to uncover the very best of what these vacation home rental sites have to offer.

From the ultra-luxe and extravagant to the beautifully understated, yet entirely captivating all the same, here are the most luxurious rentals you can book from across the globe.

Piazza del Mercato Nuovo

Location: Florence, Tuscany

Situated in the heart of Florence, this 16th-century property beautifully encapsulates the grandeur and extravagance of an era passed. The nine-bedroom, nine-bathroom home is located in the heart of the city (conveniently near all the shopping spots and restaurants one’s heart could desire) and features many of its original, opulent architectural details. True to the Renaissance city’s inclination towards the arts, you can come to expect a similar approach to the interior design of the home itself. While every one of the rooms boasts a unique decorative characteristic, each one manages to seamlessly combine the old and the new with an avant-garde detail that is anything but ordinary—think a purple-and-gold bedroom, and another, which uncannily resembles a chessboard.

Intricate tiling, high-contrast color blocks, and artful elements that could put your local museum to shame are just a handful of the decorative elements you will find in this dwelling. The one thing that is lacking in this particular property? A kitchen. But don’t fret, a butler, who is available 24/7, will be there to ensure that you are well taken care of.

From $2,332/night

La Ferme des Petites Frasses

Location: Megeve, French Alps, France

Calling all ski bunnies. Consider this your ultimate winter getaway. But in all realness, we would book a stay here regardless of the season. Seriously, we would give anything (and we mean anything) just to have our morning cup of coffee up there. The chalet overlooks a stunningly picturesque meadow, giving the term “room with a view” an entirely new meaning. Think of it as alpine living at its finest—the exclusive use of timber wood reserved for the interior definitely helps with that. With six bedrooms and plenty of livable space to spare, this one doubles as the ultimate destination for R&R.

Indulge in the home’s chef-grade kitchen or built-in sauna, and allow the home’s 24/7 hospitality service to play to your every whim and whimsy. When all is said and done, take to the slopes—the ski-lift is conveniently located nearby—and bask in the glory of all that the French Alps have to offer.

From $6,292 – $13,215 /night

Rue de Varenne III

Location: Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Left Bank

If you have ever dreamed of a magical Parisian getaway, this ornate residence should probably (no, definitely) be a part of the trip. Even if you are just daydreaming like the rest of us over here. Situated on the culturally-rich Left Bank of Paris, the home is the quintessence of old-world Parisian opulence and one that we can definitely see ourselves calling home. Gilded furnishings, built-in bookshelves stocked to the nines, and incomparable views of the City of Light are among the key features of this property.

The ultimate domain for the entertainer, this one comes complete with a spanning dining room appropriately paired with fine oil paintings and a dining table as grand and alluring as the decor itself. Balconies outfitted with ornate French doors fill the home with an abundance of natural light, playing to the coveted fantasy of a quaint Parisian hideaway. The 3-bedroom home features a contemporary kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances and a country-chic eating area nearby, which manages to offset the sterility of the former. File this one under effortless elegance at its finest.

From $1,565/night

Crayke Manor

Crayke, Near York

If your idea of a getaway revolves around the idea of a bucolic escape, what better place to retreat to than the English countryside? The iconic locale is known for its beautifully elevated, country-chic ambiance, which permeates down to every possible detail. This picturesque property is no exception.  The 9-bedroom home can fit up to 18 people and sits on an astounding 17-acre plot of land—one that encapsulates the quintessence of its famed surround.

Built in the early 17th century, many of the home’s architectural details have remained as is. Wooden beamed ceilings and stone mullion windows are among the more notable elements that pay tribute to the Jacobean manor’s storied past. And as if that weren’t enough, the property also doubles as a wedding venue. So for those with impending nuptials, we will just leave this one here for you.

From $1,169/night

Domaine de la Tour

Location: Aix-en-Provence Area, Provence, France

Speaking of country living, let us not disregard the French countryside, which deserves its fair share of recognition. Allow this magnificent property to serve as proof. Make your way through the estate and you will find yourself immediately captivated by the lush lavender fields that surround it. Sitting on a whopping 198-acres of land, this getaway is for the serious traveler who knows what they want. Situated within a historically-rich area, there is no shortage of inspired elements and moments to take in.

Unobstructed views of the countryside and the Luberon Mountains are listed as the prime points of interest—characteristics one would only dream of having in a lodging experience. A built-in wine cellar and luxe fireplace to match are just calling for cozy evenings spent in front of a roaring fire. And truthfully, we cannot think of a better way to recharge.

From $3,730 – $3,972 /night

Calistoga Ranch – The Estate Lodge

Location: Calistoga, California – Napa and Sonoma

Wine-lovers, you too, can enjoy all that Northen California has to offer all the while swimming in the lap of luxury. The Ranch is less so geared towards families and more inclined for the couple looking for a romantic getaway. Given the lush landscape, seemingly free-flowing wine, and luxe amenities, we would venture a guess that that wouldn’t be the hardest thing to do.

Swimming, hiking, or taste-testing your way through local vineyards are just a handful of the activities offered within the property—cooking classes with renowned chefs, a resort-based spa, and a private wine cave are among the offerings that help take things to the next level.

From $4,595 – $4,595 / night

Bleecker Loft

Location: West Village, Manhattan

Whoever said Manhattan was the land of exclusively small spaces clearly never knew of this hidden gem. Albeit, referring to it as a hidden gem may not be the most accurate term but we digress. The modern home boasts a series of iconic NYC elements—think exposed brick walls, whitewashed, subway-tiled bathrooms, and a rooftop terrace with spanning views of the famed city skyline—but with an understandably elevated flair.

The 3-bedroom property features a signature open-floor plan layout, but you can forget about all the qualms of living within a one-room space when it comes to this spot. Given the ample square footage and areas designated for eating, lounging, and everything else one can think of, in between, you will hardly even realize you were ever in the Big Apple in the first place. Don’t mind us, we will be over here figuring out a way to make this one home.

From $2,255/night

Turtle Tail Estate

Location: Turtle Tail, Providenciales

Please excuse us as we collectively drool over this utterly perfect property. Soak up the best of what the Carribean has to offer, courtesy of this supreme locale, which comes with no shortage of views or luxury. Having a dreamy beachside villa is one thing, but being able to call a chunk of the ocean yours, is just on another level. Well, even if it’s just for the weekend anyway. Ocean views are a mainstay of the space, falling right in line with the beautifully

minimalist interior

that plays to the seemingly blurred line between the indoors and out.

Relax by the pool (the arguable highlight of the home) or lounge on the provided daybeds, conveniently located by the private beach cove. A massive fire pit sets the ultimate tone for cocktails at sunset while an equally impressive movie theater, inside, means endless entertainment for all. Not that you would want to spend any time indoors when working with a space as stunning as this. An indoor gym, game room with all the fixings (pool tables, air hockey, and even ping pong tables), and a full tennis court are also available on site, to cater to all your recreational needs. Now, that’s luxury.